Christina — cosmetic products with a worldwide reputation!


The cosmetology line «Kristina» is designed for deep and thorough facial skin care, both by specialists in clinics and directly at home. It is interesting that Christina Zehavi, a cosmetologist, gave life to the company. She spent several years perfecting cosmetic procedures, creating preparations capable of giving her clients’ skin a youthful and blooming look. Now Christina is the founder of a large cosmetology company, whose main task is to develop and introduce unique products and preparations to the world market. The production of the cosmetic line is based on the use of natural biologically active components. The work of the company is based on the discoveries made by the largest scientific laboratories. The staff is rich in gifted professionals whose activities are aimed at manufacturing unique, environmentally friendly products for all skin types and ages. Cooperation with the most famous world scientists is actively conducted. The factory engaged in the production of this line of products is equipped with the latest technology, the latest progressive technologies are widely used. The range of the company is constantly expanding, various programs are being conducted to create new drugs. Regular use of Christina cosmetics can eliminate most of the aesthetic problems of the skin, giving it a fresh, blooming look. This line has proven itself in the fight against acne, acne, excessive pigmentation or local skin lightening. The preparations also contribute to its rejuvenation, fight the signs of wilting. All products are repeatedly tested for compliance with international standards and hypoallergenicity. In addition to the professional line, intended for use by cosmetologists in specialized institutions, products are also produced that are available to a wide range of consumers. Cosmetics can be used independently, without the need to resort to the services of professionals, and the result will be simply stunning! The statistics speak for themselves: in the leading countries of Europe, in Canada, the USA, the eastern states, the vast majority of cosmetologists, as well as their clients, prefer Christina! Cosmetic line Christina is a guarantee of health, freshness and blooming appearance of your skin.


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