BAD: myth or chance for survival?


Historical «shifters» Try to guess what it is: «Decorative flower; a cure for all diseases; a poison that kills insects; stain remover; universal fertilizer; food raw materials from which bread, starch, powder, oil, wine, coffee, yeast, chocolate, etc., etc. can be made. Everything is simple! We are talking about the most common potatoes. With such a kind of advertising, Russian journalists of the late 18th century debunked myths about the dangers of this vegetable. Until the end of the 18th century, the tomato was considered another terribly poisonous vegetable! They even tried to poison the first American president — George Washington. It happened in 1776, at the height of the struggle of the North American colonies of England for independence. Chef James Bestley, bribed by the British, served George Washington for dinner with a roast richly garnished with tomatoes. Fortunately, the vegetable «did not work,» and the president lived another 23 years full of significant events after this meal. Today, these stories seem like curiosities. Every child knows about the benefits of potatoes and tomatoes as «twice two.» Apparently, it is so established in the history of mankind, in the words of the poet: «The big is seen at a distance …». Nowadays, through the same thorns (but definitely to the stars!) lies the path of dietary supplements — dietary supplements. Their main mission is to make our nutrition complete and prevent the development of many even the most dangerous diseases. But how often our ignorance and prejudices prevent them from doing so! Let’s try together to understand the myths that have developed around dietary supplements. Myth one: «DS is everything that is of plant or natural origin and that can be added to food» This is not entirely true. And in some cases, not at all! For example, the king of Ancient Babylon Nebuchadnezzar, in order to restore health and clarity of mind, ate exclusively herbs for 7 years. But in order to improve health, and not harm yourself, you need to be an expert in the field of «herbs and roots», since not all plants are safe or suitable for general consumption. There are many natural components that are strictly prohibited from entering the composition of dietary supplements. And one more thing… Do not confuse dietary supplements with food additives: dyes, flavors, spices. In a word, everything that makes our food more «attractive». Myth two: “Eat right enough, and no supplements are needed” It would seem that we all love to eat! You disconnect from bad thoughts and “shove” yourself spoon by spoon. What could be easier? But here’s the paradox … To make this one of the most natural and enjoyable activities also useful, you also need to work hard. Remember, for example, with what longing you look at the columns of products that the next trendy healthy eating scheme offers. These are either not found in every store, or they are so depressing with their low calorie content that at the mere thought of them, the stomach begins to shrink. Myth three: “Medicines are still more effective than dietary supplements (dietary supplements are not able to have such an effect as a medicine)” In this case, the mistake lies in the very formulation of the question. Dietary supplements and drugs do not have to be rivals. The difference is in how they operate. In ancient Greece, doctors worked under the auspices of Asclepius, the god of medicine. The healers also served the daughter of Asclepius — the bright Hygiea, the goddess of health. The followers of Asclepius believed that the role of the doctor was to treat the disease, to restore health. The servants of Hygieia believed that health is the natural state of man. In their opinion, the most important task of medicine is to follow the laws of nature, which allow a person to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. The concepts of treatment and healing are fundamentally different. Healing comes from outside, healing comes from within. The word “heal” means “to make whole”, to restore integrity and balance in the body. Dietary supplements, unlike drugs, do not eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but its causes. Supplements are a food component that helps the body heal and facilitate its natural physiological processes. Myth four: «I’ll drink a supplement and in a week I’ll be healthy» A delusion, the depth of which cannot be measured with a school ruler. First, dietary supplements alone are not enough to become healthy. Ecology, daily routine, regular physical activity, stress-free life, etc. are important. Secondly, the body needs time to rebuild. Approximately 7-10 days after taking the dietary supplement, you will feel better. The body will be delighted: “Hurrah! Now I get more nutritious and healthy food.” Recovery begins. When there are enough of them, the next stage begins — “restructuring”, or debugging the work of internal organs. This is a very difficult time for the body. After all, he almost forgot what healthy habits are! Therefore, at this stage of taking dietary supplements, there may be weakness and decreased performance, even malaise. The forces of the body are directed at this moment to restore human health. Then you will feel good again. And in a month and a half you will feel the desired result: your body will become stronger and healthier. Myth five: «The more — the better» Popular wisdom says: «Everything is good in moderation.» Although useful and nutritious food is not enough, they are still there. It is not necessary to immediately take the “shock” norm of dietary supplements. An excess of vitamins or other beneficial substances is also harmful to the body, as well as their deficiency. There are practically no contraindications to taking dietary supplements. However, do not forget that the body of a child, a pregnant or lactating woman and a sick person requires a special approach. Therefore, be attentive to contraindications (if any) and, of course, always tell your consultant about the special state of your body. No matter how much you “feed” yourself with myths about dietary supplements, this activity will not add wisdom or health anyway. Maybe you should look at the world more realistically? If you do not waste your time on idle speculation and start giving your body what it really needs today, you will have health, well-being in your personal life and success in any business. Based on the article «Dietary supplements — a myth or a chance for survival.» Source


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