Attention!!! How to prevent the flu?


According to the Institute of Nutrition of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences, no more than 6% of the population of our country takes daily supplements, while in Europe — at least 50%, in the USA — 80%, and in Japan — 90% (it is worth noting that Japan ranks first in the world in terms of life expectancy). There is nothing wrong with giving your body the nutrients it needs every day. The offered products from such giants as: NSP, Vitamax, Health Formula have long established themselves among residents of the USA, Europe and the CIS countries. Below you will find the most popular drugs to prevent influenza. Combining the right supplements can give a very impressive result. The programs are designed for courses of varying duration with a large selection of vitamin and mineral complexes for daily maintenance of vitality, high performance and energy potential! Licorice Root from TM «Health Formula». Contributes to the normal functioning of the stomach. Improves the quality of the mucus that covers the walls of the stomach. It has an expectorant, enveloping, softening effect. Strengthens the body’s natural defenses. Licorice root from TM «NSP». It has anti-inflammatory properties, has a corticosteroid-like effect, increases the production of protective mucus, reduces spasm of the smooth muscles of the bronchi, intestinal wall. Coenzyme Q10 from TM «Health Formula». Provides energy production at the cellular level, Positively affects the cardiovascular system, As well as the brain and peripheral nervous system, Increases the regenerative processes of the gum mucosa. Coenzyme Q10 from TM «Vitamax». Controls and reduces high blood pressure, restores and maintains energy metabolism in the heart muscle and the wall of coronary vessels, prevents the development of coronary heart disease, coronary arteriothrombosis, myocardial infarction. is a natural powerful immunomodulator, effectively and quickly restores the insufficiency of the immune system, activates the antimicrobial and antiviral defenses of the body. The ability of Coenzyme Q10 to enhance immunity is fully manifested in its effectiveness in periodontal disease and tumor disease, in the ability to heal damaged tissues and inhibit the growth of malignant cells. according to the results of experimental and clinical studies, it has the properties of a geroprotector (protector against aging). He is able not only to prolong life, but also to saturate it with energy, health, youth, fill a person of any age with a sense of sharpness and joy of life. stimulates the process of energy burning of fats, enriches adipose tissue with oxygen, which ensures effective weight loss in obese people. Echinacea from TM «Vitamax». It has pronounced immunostimulating properties, due to which it can be used as a general tonic that helps with influenza, herpes, and a tendency to colds. Strengthens and maintains the body’s defenses. Echinacea from TM «Health Formula». Provides support to the immune system; Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; Prevents the development of colds. Liquid chlorophyll from TM «NSP». Supports and stimulates the hematopoietic system, Promotes tissue renewal and rapid healing of wounds, Stimulates the body’s immune system. Liquid chlorophyll from TM «Health Formula». Increases the body’s defenses. Has anti-inflammatory properties. Removes toxins from the body. Improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract. Promotes rapid healing of wounds, cuts, burns. It is a natural antioxidant. Vitamin C from TM «NSP». Strengthens the protective functions of the body, Helps prevent bacterial and viral infections, Has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, Provides energy production at the cellular level. Super C (ester C) from TM «Health Formula». It is recommended for people who are deficient in vitamin C in food, living in ecologically unfavorable regions, people with a weakened immune system, and smokers. It is necessary for the prevention and acceleration of recovery in many diseases.


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