«AlcoFree» from Altera Holding


The Russian company Altera Holding specializes in the Health Formula program, the proposed dietary supplements are the fruit of many years of work of the Department of Clinical Nutrition in the field of nutrition and research on the impact of a balanced diet on maintaining good human health. For the first time, the term «alcoholism» was used in 1849 to refer to cardinal changes in the human body under the influence of alcohol-containing products, such as damage to the liver, the entire digestive tract, the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It is known that the breakdown products of alcohol are contained in the body for up to two weeks, alcohol abuse can shorten human life by 15-20 years. It is known for certain that drunkenness was not widespread among the peoples of Russia until the nineteenth century, they drank beer, mash, mead and this was more of a ritual nature, but today the statistics on this issue are more than not comforting. About 78 percent of the population of Russia constantly, with one or another frequency, consume alcoholic beverages. For the destruction of alcohol to water and carbon dioxide in our body there is a special enzyme «alcohol dehydrogenase». With a lack of this enzyme, alcohol is not broken down, but forms a new, very poisonous compound called acetaldehyde, which causes diseases of the liver, reproductive and nervous systems, and the cardiovascular system. In addition, acetaldehyde, when combined with blood proteins, forms a drug that causes cravings for alcohol, which is why the desire to re-drink becomes so painful. To increase the resistance of the human body to the toxic effects of alcohol, reduce the desire for repeated alcohol consumption, the Alco Stop biologically active supplement, which consists entirely of components of plant origin, is intended. If you have problems with alcohol addiction, you need to buy the AlcoFree health formula from Altera Holding. AlcoFree contains components whose combined action inhibits the development of physical dependence on alcohol during its long-term use: tuberous pueraria, Gotu kola leaves, Canadian goldenseal, N-Acetyl-L-cysteine, silymarin from milk thistle, a-Lipoic acid . vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The main properties of the biologically active food supplement AlcoFree (Alco stop) from the company Altera Holding: — suppresses craving for alcohol; — enhances the destruction of alcohol in the body; — removes the state of a hangover; — slows down the development of dependence on alcohol; — protects the body from the toxic effects of alcohol. As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 2 times a day with meals.


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