Wrinkles and health


By wrinkles on the face, one can judge not only the character of a person, but also the diseases that he suffers from.

What do wrinkles say?

The more visible wrinkles, the more confident doctors can make a diagnosis:

Wrinkles and health

A sharp wrinkle on the upper eyelid warns: your heart is in danger.

Wrinkles on the forehead — the so-called «thinker’s wrinkles» — indicate severe stress, internal mental tension.

A wrinkle on the bridge of the nose speaks of discontent, indignation. It may also indicate a violation of the activity of the bladder, and often adjacent cavities.

In women, a diagonal wrinkle, descending from the inner corner of the eye to the corner of the lips, means the prolapse of the uterus; in men — indicates a possible omission of the kidneys or a wandering kidney.

Turtle folds — transverse wrinkles on the neck are a symptom of disorders in the subcutaneous region, in cellular tissue.

It is erroneously believed that a wrinkle at the left corner of the mouth speaks only of a person’s smile — this can also be a sign of a weak stomach;

The crease under the lower lip is called the Jupiter wrinkle. Depending on its depth, one can judge liver problems, often hemorrhoids.

A wrinkle at the right corner of the mouth is also not only a sign of a cheerful disposition. This wrinkle suggests disorders in the digestive tract, as well as increased aggressiveness.

Wrinkles above the upper lip indicate irascibility, excessive pedantry and isolation of character. Tension in the small and large intestines is not ruled out.

Wrinkles on the lower eyelid and under it warn: you have a disorder of the kidneys.

«Crow’s feet» in the corners of the eyes speak, rather, not about diseases, but about good nature. They can also serve as a sign of weakness of the gallbladder.

A sickle-shaped wrinkle descending from the cheekbone to the chin indicates a violation of blood circulation in the lower extremities.

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