Twisting on the press on a bench with an inclination down


Twisting on a bench with an inclination down is one of the main exercises for developing abdominal muscles.

The benefits of exercise

Twisting on a bench with an inclination down includes absolutely all the muscles of the abdomen and hip flexors. But the main load falls on the upper part of the rectus muscle, while the rest of the abdominal muscles practically do not contract, although they are in a tense state. The hip flexors also do not contract, but being constantly tense, they keep the pelvis in a stable position.

By regularly performing this type of twisting, you will achieve an improvement in strength indicators and drawing «cubes» of the abdominal press. In addition, the development of abdominal muscles will certainly improve performance in almost all sports, but in dance, running disciplines, wrestling, volleyball, handball, basketball, tennis and gymnastics.

Technique for performing twists on the press on a bench with an inclination down

Correct execution technique:

1. An inclination of 30-40 ° to the horizontal is considered optimal for performing twists on an inclined bench. Sit on benches and secure your legs with special rollers. Cross your arms and place them on your chest. You can cross them behind your head, this will increase the load, but the risk of injury will also increase, so when you twist with your hands behind your head, you should not create pressure on the back of your head, thereby rounding your neck. Lower your whole body onto the bench so that your back, shoulders and head lie on the bench. This is the starting position.

2. Inhale, hold your breath and, tensing your abdominal muscles, begin twisting with a rounded back. The order is as follows: first, the head and shoulders come off the bench, and then the back. When you reach a right angle between your legs and torso, pause and tighten your abdominal muscles even more.

3. As you exhale, go down half the amplitude or a little lower, the main thing is that the abdominal muscles are in constant tension.

4. Do the required number of repetitions.

It is important:

The most important thing in this exercise is to perform twisting with the efforts of the abdominal muscles, and not the lower back. Therefore, do not make any jerks, move smoothly.

The press throughout the exercise should be in a tense state, at the bottom point this is achieved by the fact that you do not bring the body to touch the bench.

When twisting the torso, do not allow the neck to “round”. This creates a dangerous load on the spine and can lead to injury to the lower back or neck. It is for this reason that it is more convenient to perform twisting, keeping your arms crossed on your chest. The gaze should be directed above the crossed arms.

By increasing the inclination of the bench, you increase the load on the abdominal muscles, but lowering the back of the bench to an angle of more than 40-45 ° below the horizontal is not worth it, since in this case an excessive rush of blood to the head may occur, which is highly undesirable, especially if you have problems with pressure. An angle of 30-40 ° will be optimal, and if you are doing this exercise for the first time or after a long break, it is better to start with a smaller angle and gradually increase it.

Exercise Options

  • Twisting
  • Twisting on the floor
  • Twisting on a Roman chair
  • Twisting with the top block
  • Reverse crunches
  • Oblique twists

Working muscles

  • rectus abdominis
  • oblique abdominal muscles (internal and external)
  • rectus femoris
  • iliopsoas muscle

Alternative exercises

  • Hanging leg raises
  • Tilts to the side

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