The popularity of Thalgo cosmetics


The most popular among professional cosmetics is cosmetics Thalgo. This is not surprising, because cosmetics Thalgo has the most complete range of professional skin and body care products among analogues. This includes professional cosmetics for hair care: shampoos, balms, rinses, creams, varnishes, mousses, foams, modeling gels and wax.

Also, there are cosmetics for manicure and pedicure: varnishes, enamels, coatings, nail and cuticle serums, nail delamination agents, bleaching agents, as well as nail polish removers that are gentle and do not harm the nail plates.

Cosmetics Thalgo presents a whole series of cosmetics for depilation: cream Thalgo for depilation, after-depilation creams, creams that slow down hair growth and prevent ingrown hairs, depilatory creams for the bikini area, creams for sensitive skin.

Bath and shower cosmetics include: bathing gels, bath foams with a variety of light and pleasant aromas, cosmetic soaps, body scrubs, exfoliating gels.

The widest range of cosmetics for the face: day cream, night cream, cream for sensitive skin, anti-wrinkle cream, cream for young skin care, tonics for dry, oily, normal and combination skin. There are also gels for washing, means for removing makeup from the eyes and face, face masks: nourishing, moisturizing, antibacterial, healing. There are many facial scrubs and products to combat skin problems and blemishes.

More cosmetics Thalgo presents to its customers a huge selection of decorative cosmetics. These are eyeshadows (dry, wet, loose, pencil eyeshadow), eyeliners — liquid and pencils, mascara (lengthening, to create volume, twisting, three in one), tonal foundations for all skin types, powders, makeup bases, corrective foundations for the face. Large selection of lipsticks, glosses, hygienic lipsticks, lip pencils. There are wonderful blushes Thalgo reviews about which on the Internet and among regular customers only positive.

Of course, Thalgo developers have not forgotten about men and have created a large selection of shaving gels and foams, aftershave care gel, cream-gel that soothes irritated skin. There are also shampoos for men, men’s anti-dandruff shampoos, soaps, shower gels, deodorants and antiperspirants.

Thalgo is the leader in terms of recognition in the professional cosmetics markets in Kyiv and large cities of Ukraine. That’s why thalgo cosmetics buy in Kyiv You can practically in our online store. Buying in our online store you get delivery to Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Sevastopol and Simferopol, Odessa, Donetsk and some other cities.

Range cosmetics Thalgo — this is only professional cosmetics, tested in modern laboratories and tested by professional dermatologists. All Thalgo products are certified. Absolutely all cosmetics, regardless of price, are of high quality, you can be sure of this. The range of cosmetics is constantly increasing, the creators are trying to follow the latest technologies, novelties in the field of cosmetology as much as possible, while always complying with the ideas of health and safety.

Cosmetics Thalgo presented in our online store MyHealh.Ua, here you can get acquainted with the full range of cosmetics, read descriptions of certain products, see customer reviews, and also buy cosmetics without leaving your computer. You can pay online with a credit card or online money.


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