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Cosmetics Thalgo has been on the market for over forty years. The company exists to create quality cosmetic products and uses the riches of the ocean to do this. The accumulated experience of Thalgo allows this company to be the undisputed flagship in the «marine beauty» sections.

The Thalgo brand itself was founded thanks to a young and energetic pharmacist Andre Boucle, who was a specialist in the field of phyto-pharmaceuticals. He believed that the natural path to beauty is one right solution that can solve all the aesthetic problems of the skin and excess weight.

The name of this brand is a symbiosis of French and Greek: Greek Thalassa and French Alga. The words are the reflection of the sea, the treatment of sea water and seaweed, thus cosmetics Thalgo it is the embodiment of nature.

In 1964, André Bouclet founded a laboratory in Paris, where he is engaged in the production of products based on seaweed. These products are used for medical purposes.

In 1966, Bouclet received a special patent thanks to the discovery of a method for micronizing seaweed. For the micronization process, Boucle selected three types of algae — Coralloid, Fucus and Laminaria. These algae are rich in mineral and organic matter.

Beauticians around the world approve of the application cosmetics Thalgoemphasizing environmental friendliness and high quality products.

Let’s take a look at the most popular products cosmetics Thalgo in our online storewhich has thousands of positive user reviews and expert recommendations:

1. Serum with silicon components. This serum is used to restore the skin, improves its elasticity. Wrinkles and fine lines disappear as if filled from the inside. The oval of the face looks like after a lifting procedure. It is thanks to the lightning-fast action that this cosmetics has gained such popularity. Buy cosmetics Thalgo in Kyivyou can in our online store.

2. Thalgo cream for the face of anti-aging action. This cream has a high degree of protection, its consistency is not greasy, it is not sticky to the touch and does not lighten the tan. This anti-aging face cream has a light and fresh scent of citrus, coconut, white flowers and vanilla. The main advantages among buyers are efficiency and price.

3. Aroma ocean to remove toxins from the body. This complex is used to remove stagnation of water, as it helps to remove excess fluid from the body. In addition, it has the effect of softening the skin, giving it elasticity. This complex Thalgo has good reviews specialists and completely safe for your health.

4. Relaxing aroma ocean complex. It is a mixture of fucus absolute, which is combined with essential oils of chamomile, rose, magnolia, lavender, and neroli. It will be ideal if you want to create a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

5. Aromasean for weight loss. The beach season is starting soon, and you have a couple of extra pounds? Then this complex is exactly what you need. This complex is the epitome of pleasure and efficiency in one bottle. The oil of this component reveals to the user the healing properties of natural essential oils for one hundred percent.

6. Satin suntan oil. It is a fluid texture that brings a feeling of sun protection and comfort to the skin. This tool allows you to achieve a stable and long-lasting tan.

Buy this one and any one you like cosmetics Thalgo in Kyiv, you can in our online store.


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