Thalgo is a leader in marine cosmetics


It seems that sea products, such as minerals, algae and salts, have been used in modern cosmetology not so long ago. But their miraculous and healing properties were already known in ancient Egypt, and they were also effectively used to treat diseases and preserve beauty. Our online store «myHealth» is ready to offer you the products of the world leader in the production of marine cosmetics — the Thalgo trademark. Buy Thalgo cosmetics easy, you just need to contact our manager.

The history of Thalgo began back in 1964 in the city of Nice with the opening of a laboratory specializing in pharmacology. In this laboratory, a group of employees conducted useful and very interesting research on the healing properties of sea salt, algae and other seafood. These studies in the future became the basis for the birth in 1968 of the first line of cosmetic products, which were based on the beneficial effects of seafood. Released line Thalgo had high reviews worldwide.

Inspired by success, the scientific laboratory decided to register its trademark. Subsequently, large-scale development began. To date Talgo cosmetics — the most popular in the world in the field of marine cosmetics, and the laboratory of this company is one of the most successful.

A team of specialists with vast experience worked on the creation of Talgo products. The composition of the product includes such active ingredients that are of marine origin and are well perceived by human skin without causing irritation and having a rejuvenating effect.

Thalgo has fifteen large factories where their products are manufactured, as well as about twenty thousand showrooms and representative offices around the globe. Thalgo cosmetics represented in eighty-five countries, including Ukraine. Buy Thalgo cosmetics in Kyiv available in our online store. Our highly qualified managers will help you make the right choice and tell you about the healing properties of cosmetics of this brand.

The developers of this French brand have embodied in their products the knowledge gained by their specialists in their research, as well as the knowledge of world cosmetologists. That is why the products Thalgo Reviews only positive.

The main factor in the cosmetics of this company is the correct consistency of the components. It uses floral elements, natural plant ingredients, marine products. Vitamins, amino acids, proteins, trace elements — these are all components cosmetics Thalgo, which are contained in algae from the sea and help to find harmony and beauty. All these factors, combined with modern technology, bring fantastic results.

All cosmetic lines Thalgo cosmeticsare divided from the features of their use into a list of thematic areas:

1. Face. This group includes special products for the treatment, care, cleansing and care of facial skin.

2. Body. The group is intended for products that are used for body care. Almost all of them are based on natural and floral plant extracts.

3. Sun protection. When exposed to direct sunlight, the skin receives a dose of ultraviolet radiation, from which special products placed in this group will help protect against.

4. Anti-aging. This includes all the created drugs that help fight the emerging signs of aging. Cream Thalgo anti-wrinkle, is very popular among specialists.

5. Men. Manufacturers remember that the strong half of humanity also wants to look beautiful, so the products that fall into this group are designed for men.

6. Organics. Includes a list of products based on natural ingredients and organic elements.

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