Thalgo cream is an essential ingredient in skin care


The largest leader worldwide in the field of marine cosmetology is considered cosmetics Thalgo, created by specialists in the fields of dermo- and phytopharmaceuticals, who studied the potential of the sea when creating their own line of cosmetics. These cosmetics were based on seaweed, herbal extracts and seafood.

The main highlight Thalgo cosmetics there is a combination of traditional cosmetology with marine active ingredients — the use of active plant components.

The developers decided to pay special attention to the area around the eyes, and created a whole series of high-quality products for the care of this part of the face. The skin around the eyes is particularly susceptible to external factors and health changes. Ultraviolet, environmental pollution and all kinds of harmful components have a very detrimental effect on the skin around the eyes, which is why you should not neglect the care of this area, and you should not save on care products.

To eliminate problems with the skin around the eyes, there is a wonderful cream Thalgo — CAFFEINE MICROPATCH® TECHNOLOGY 24 HOURS. This cream consists only of natural ingredients: acacia alginates and polysaccharides, vitamin PP, collagen, and also contains 20% caffeine, which activates skin cells. The caffeine in the cream helps in the fight against bags and body fat, and the caffeine is able to break down lipids, thereby reducing the amount of body fat.

Caffeine also helps to activate the natural drainage of fluids, removes toxins, excess water, and due to this, removes swelling under the eyes.

Also cream Thalgo rich in vitamin PP. This vitamin is able to synthesize vascular epithelium, form new capillaries, improve the structure of the capillary network, thereby removing dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin PP is endowed with a unique ability to improve the structure of the network of blood capillaries by as much as 73%. Vitamin PP is able to prevent the processes of blood stagnation, improve the structure of the skin as a whole.

And, the last, no less important component is collagen of natural origin, on the surface of the skin, collagen creates a protective film, helps prevent moisture loss, and also moisturizes the skin. Thanks to collagen, the skin is significantly improved, it becomes softer, radiant and wrinkles disappear.

The creators did not pass by cosmetics Thalgo and the problem of sensitive skin. You need to understand that sensitive skin is a skin condition, and not its type. Sensitive skin has specific needs and reacts to all negative external factors.

The causes of skin sensitivity are very diverse — it can be allergic reactions, and damage, as well as neglect of skin care and the use of low-quality creams and cheap cosmetics not tested by dermatologists. Sensitive skin can also be due to a genetic predisposition, to eliminate such a problem, it may be enough just to choose the right care for such skin.

For people suffering from such a problem, there is a whole series of sensitive skin care — CILICIUM, developed by specialists from the laboratory where it is developed cosmetics Thalgo. These care products consist only of natural ingredients: olive oil, mint, chamomile, calendula, flax seeds. Already after a week of using the tonic and cream Thalgo the skin condition noticeably improves, peeling and redness disappear, the skin becomes matte, sparkling, dryness disappears.

Be sure to take care of the skin, especially if it is dry, in stages: first cleansing with tonic, then moisturizing, and be sure not to forget about night care. Night cream Thalgo restores and regenerates the skin during sleep.

cosmetics Thalgo can be easily buy in any country, because it is in demand and well imported, it is also not a problem to purchase the necessary cosmetics via the Internet, for this it is enough to use the services of our myHealth online store.


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