Secrets of a beautiful tan: skin care


Beach season is in full swing. Therefore, the question of how to protect the skin from dryness and flaking and acquire a persistent beautiful tan is relevant.

Very often, getting to the beach, many people want to quickly get a tan, using short vacation days or weekends to the maximum. At the same time, most sunbathers often ignore all the tips to save the skin from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. But the sun «gives» us not only a beautiful tan and vitamin D. A long time spent on the beach is fraught with early skin aging, peeling and burns, not to mention the risk of cancer.

In fact, getting a beautiful and long-lasting tan without the risk of earning adverse health effects is real. To do this, you must follow the following rules for skin care during the beach season.

Skin cleansing

Proper cleansing of the skin before, during and after a sun session will provide you with an even and beautiful tan.

Preparing for the beach season

Before you go on vacation or spend a weekend at the beach, you should exfoliate. At least a day before going to the beach, exfoliate or exfoliate your skin. This will help remove dead skin particles from the surface and ensure a lasting tan in the future.

During the beach season

beautiful tanDuring this period, it is not recommended to use radical harsh skin cleansing products (such as scrubs and peels). After all, the skin is already irritated from constant exposure to sunlight, and additional friction can cause inflammation. In addition, after using exfoliating products, uneven light spots may appear on the skin.

To get a beautiful tan, it is enough to wash the skin with a softening gel or shower foam after each visit to the beach. Keep in mind that you should not use alkaline products, as they dry out skin that has already lost a lot of moisture and cause it to peel. The softer and more neutral the product you choose, the better the final result will be.

After beach season

After the end of the beach season, you should also continue to wash the skin with mild products and it is not recommended to use exfoliating products, because their use stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. This means that your beautiful tan will go away faster than you would like.

It is also important to use products with a high content of vitamins A and E for bathing. This will help refresh the skin and restore its elasticity.

Skin protection

Going out into the open sun, do not forget about protective equipment for the skin. It is a mistake to think that dark-skinned people do not need protection — with any type of skin, you can get a burn or inflammation.

Many believe that sunscreens prevent the sun’s rays from reaching the skin, and consequently prevent getting a beautiful tan. But in fact, sunscreens only protect against the harmful effects of direct rays, helping to avoid burns, and additionally moisturize the skin. In turn, healthy hydrated skin tans faster. In addition, protective creams and sprays will help you stay young, eliminating the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, before going to the beach, be sure to purchase a tanning product (according to your phototype), and do not forget to follow the rules for its use (usually the product is applied 20 minutes before going to the beach and reapplied regularly)!

Skin hydration

Moisturizing the skin before, during and after the beach season is probably the most important rule to follow in order to get a healthy and beautiful tan. Under the open sun, 2-4 times more moisture evaporates from the surface of the skin than when indoors. Dehydrated skin requires extra care and regular care.

After each visit to the beach and cleansing the skin with water and mild detergents, it is necessary to apply a layer of moisturizer, milk or emulsion. Moreover, when choosing a tool, you should pay attention to the basis on which it is made. On hot days, it is not recommended to use fat-containing products. It is much easier and more effective to moisturize the skin with water-based cosmetics. It is quickly absorbed, gently nourishes and does not clog pores.

Particular attention in the process of moisturizing should be given to delicate areas of the skin, such as the face, neck, décolleté, and the inner surface of the hands. For these areas, it is necessary to purchase special products with an increased UV filter.

In addition, during the hot period, do not forget about thermal water, which will help refresh the skin with the slightest discomfort.

After the end of the beach season, you should take care of restoring the skin. To do this, you can purchase special products that restore the protective functions of the skin, or buy several ampoules with liquid vitamin A at the pharmacy and dilute them in your favorite cream. After such a cocktail, your skin will enjoy its beautiful tan for a long time, and the first wrinkles, peeling and dryness will not bother you for a very long time.

Skin nutrition

While sunbathing, our skin is exposed to a large number of negative effects. As a result, it loses strength, energy, elasticity and beauty. In order to neutralize the harmful effects, the skin needs constant nourishment. In this case, we are talking about much-needed masks for the skin of the face and body.

Ready-made masks that nourish, moisturize, relieve redness and inflammation can be purchased at any cosmetic store. But you can also prepare them yourself from fresh products, taking into account the needs of the skin at one time or another. Fortunately, in the summer there is no shortage of fruits, vegetables and greens, and your skin will be grateful for the delicious and natural «nutrition».

Take care of yourself and sunbathe for health!

Author: Natalia Kay

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