Psammotherapy — sand treatment


You can spend time on the beach lying on the hot sand not only for pleasure, but also to improve your health with the help of the psammotherapy procedure.

Psammotherapy — (from Latin psammos — sand; therapia — treatment) — a method of treatment with the help of heated sand.

History of occurrence

Psammotherapy (translated from Latin — sand treatment) was known in ancient times. Hot sand treatment is mentioned in the writings of Herodotus, Galen and Avicenna. There is evidence that the Mayan Indians also knew about this amazing method. At the end of the century before last, psammotherapy began to spread in European countries, in particular, in Dresden, Dr. Fleming opened the first psammotherapy clinic, in which various diseases of the joints were successfully treated. In Russia, the first who began to use psammotherapy was the famous doctor Nikolai Vasilyevich Pariysky, and in 1889 he even wrote a work on the benefits of sand baths for healing and strengthening the body.

Psammotherapy procedure

The psammotherapy procedure can be carried out both on the beach and indoors, where pre-heated sand is used for these purposes. The patient lies down on hot sand, after which his entire body (except for the head) is covered with a 5-6 cm layer of sand, the stomach is covered with a thinner layer (1-2 cm), and the heart area is left free. It is very important that during the procedure the head and the uncovered part of the body are in a shaded place, for which you can use an umbrella. In case of any deterioration in well-being, the procedure should be stopped immediately, after which a cold compress should be applied to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe heart.

Due to the gentle action of sand baths, they are prescribed even for children and the elderly, and even for people with cardiovascular diseases.

The total duration of the procedure is up to 30 minutes for adults and 15 minutes for children and the elderly. After completion of the procedure, it is necessary to take a cool shower (with a water temperature of 37-36 ° C), get dressed and have a little rest (40-60 minutes without going out into the sun). Procedures can be performed every other day or two days in a row with a mandatory break on the third day.


Healing properties of sand

From the course of physics it is known that sand is an excellent conductor of heat, it is this, as well as its mechanical properties, that underlie the method of psammotherapy. In contact with the skin, hot sand quickly and evenly warms a person, which leads to increased sweating and increased metabolism. In addition, heated sand exerts mechanical pressure on the skin, massaging it and underlying tissues, and the person relaxes, feeling pleasant warmth. The constant absorption of sweat by the sand protects the patient from overheating, which makes it easy to endure the procedure.

Also, hot sand activates blood and lymph circulation, increases sweating, normalizes the functioning of the kidneys, reduces pain and enhances the flow of oxidative processes in the body.

The range of application of psammotherapy is very wide, which is explained both by the simplicity and high efficiency of the method, and by the very small number of contraindications for use.

Psammotherapy is successfully applied:

  • in diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system
  • in some respiratory diseases
  • with neuralgia, chronic neuritis and radiculitis
  • with inflammation of the female genital organs
  • to combat the effects of polio and rickets
  • in disorders of the peripheral nervous system
  • with chronic diseases of the digestive system
  • to fight overweight

In children, psammotherapy helps in the treatment of exudative diathesis, allergies and rickets.


Psammotherapy is contraindicated in:

  • pulmonary tuberculosis
  • general exhaustion of the body or during an exacerbation of diseases
  • children under 3 years old
  • in all cases when thermal procedures are contraindicated

And remember that self-treatment can lead to sad consequences even in the case of such a relatively safe procedure as psammotherapy, so before you start sand treatment yourself, you need to get a recommendation from your doctor.

Author: Kuznetsov Alexander

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