Professional cosmetics Christina: myth or reality?


How often lately we hear about professional cosmetics and what place it occupies in the life of a modern girl. We also often hear that the cosmetics markets have become much more likely to offer us professional cosmetics for home use, and we believe this so much. So what is the difference between professional cosmetics and mass-use cosmetics? There are several factors. Firstly, when it comes to decorative cosmetics, then professional cosmetics, compared to mass-market cosmetics, are more stable, retain resistance to hot sun or excessively bright lighting for longer. Such cosmetics are simply obliged to remain in the «original» form for as long as possible. Cosmetics of the masses — the market is not designed for a long period, and, as you probably already know — lip gloss begins to roll off after a few hours, exactly the same as eye shadow. In the case when you use professional cosmetics, you will not have to wait for such «incidents». Professional cosmetics, first of all, are resistant and, as a rule, bright, saturated colors. As for professional medical cosmetics, there are some differences here. Firstly, professional cosmetics are distinguished by packaging. Yes, yes, there is nothing surprising in this, because cosmetic products for professional use are usually contained in white, unremarkable tubes, often with only the name. This is explained very easily: the manufacturer does not need to attract attention with product packaging in order to attract a large number of buyers. Secondly, professional cosmetics of any brand rarely use fragrances and artificial flavors in their production. This is due to the fact that such cosmetics should suit absolutely everyone, which means they should be hypoallergenic. And how else to achieve hypoallergenicity, if not with the help of the absence of fragrances and various additives.

Our site invites you to pay attention to professional cosmetics called Christina. Kristina cosmetics made in Israel are cosmetics that today are rightfully considered number one in the world. Kristina cosmetics are cosmetics that surprisingly combine professional healing properties, and at the same time are absolutely affordable. A lot of cosmetology clinics and offices use this particular cosmetics, because it meets all the requirements of professional cosmetics. Israeli Christina cosmetics are cosmetics that do not contain fragrances and preservatives, are made exclusively on the basis of natural raw materials, 95% of which are substances and salts from the Dead Sea. Therefore, “Israeli cosmetics Christina” to buy is just the query that is most often found in the Google search engine in all languages ​​​​of European countries, and not only. Our online cosmetics store Kristina also offers a huge selection of cosmetics, among which you can choose whole series for the care of your face and body. The Christina cosmetics product catalog is a whole page with sections, each of which corresponds to a certain series and a certain brand direction. Therefore, if you want to use professional care with the help of high-quality, natural cosmetics, then you should definitely buy Christina cosmetics and take care of your face and body skin with pleasure, and most importantly, with a high degree of efficiency. It is not difficult to buy Christina cosmetics today, however, like any quality product, sometimes they try to fake it. Therefore, trust reliable sources and suppliers, such as we are, because we have all the necessary documents for the sale of professional cosmetics.


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