Prevention of vitamin deficiency with Health Formula


The long-awaited spring has come, and instead of enjoying the first warm days and the bright sun, we feel a breakdown, fatigue and irritability. The reason for these unpleasant phenomena is a deficiency of vitamins after autumn and winter. The Altera Holding company brings to your attention preparations of the Health Formula trademark. This is a series of unique vitamin and mineral complexes designed to not only compensate for the lack of essential vitamins in your body in the shortest possible time, but also to have an immunomodulatory, stimulating, tonic effect. Beta Carotene 350 IU and Vitamin E 100 IU act as a prophylactic in diseases of the cardiovascular system, have a positive effect on immunity. MultiVita and B-Complex compensate for the deficiency of various groups of vitamins in the body, increase the body’s resistance to seasonal diseases, support the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Iron Chelate, Calcium Magnesium Chelate, Selenium make up for the lack of these essential minerals for health. You can buy «Health Formula» in Kyiv in our online store.


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