Mimic exercises for the face


Aerobics, fitness, gymnastics… Which of the supporters of physical culture and sports was the first to take a revolutionary step from body to face is already unknown, but the idea has been recognized

In recent years, whole sets of exercises for the face have been developed. Movie stars, politicians, businessmen and millions of people around the world have become their fans.

The face, like the body, is made up of muscles. This fact is obvious, but few people think about the fact that the appearance of the face and its outlines directly depend on the tone of the facial muscles.

For example, bags under the eyes are largely due to the weakening and sagging of the orbicularis oculi muscle, as well as the zygomatic muscles located below the eye muscles. Weakening and sagging of the muscles of the lower part of the face leads to the appearance of the so-called «fragments», etc. But the appearance of a second chin is not only overweight, but also weakness of the neck muscles.

It is now known that the facial muscles, like other muscles of the body, can be trained to achieve significant changes in appearance. With the help of regular training, the muscles of the face are toned, tightened, and where necessary, they are built up.

All facial muscles

Main muscles of the face:

1 — tendon helmet and supracranial muscles; 2 — temporal muscles; 3 — circular muscle of the eye; 4 — muscle that raises the corner of the mouth; 5 — buccal muscle; 6 — muscle lowering the lower lip; 7 — subcutaneous muscle of the neck; 8 — chin muscle; 9 — muscle that lowers the corner of the mouth; 10 — circular muscle of the mouth; 11 — chewing muscle; 12 — a large zygomatic muscle; 13 — nasal muscle; 14 — auricle muscle

Performing regular exercises to train the muscles of the face will tighten the skin “hood” hanging over the eyes, smooth out wrinkles on the upper eyelids, reduce bags under the eyes, remove the double chin, and make the face oval line more clear.

Supporters of fitness for the face are convinced that mimic exercises give an effect comparable to a surgical facelift. At the same time, cosmetic surgery works only with the results of aging, while facial exercises are aimed at the causes of aging, and therefore more long-term results. In addition, in any cosmetic surgery there is always an element of risk and the result of such an operation is not always positive.

An increase in the volume of facial muscles due to exercises can replace some filling technologies in cosmetology, when special filler gels are “pumped” under wrinkles. For example, when training and increasing the frontal muscle, small wrinkles can disappear completely, and deep ones will noticeably decrease. Working with the circular muscle of the mouth, you can achieve that the lips become fuller.

In addition, facial exercises help to get rid of small and reduce large wrinkles, activate blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissues, make the skin more elastic, help eliminate fat deposits, reduce puffiness and even out complexion. Intensive facial muscle training increases blood circulation, and therefore improves nutrition and regeneration of skin cells. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

The law of universal gravitation also applies to the human body. Therefore, all the muscles of a healthy human body are constantly in a state of weak tension, which neutralizes the force of gravity. This process is also called muscle tone.

And this is true both for the muscles of the body and for the muscles of the face. With age (starting from 25-30 years old), the muscles of the face decrease in volume, and their tone decreases, from this the facial features gradually begin to “sink” and “sag” down. Weakening of the muscles around the eyes causes the skin to droop over the eyes, making them look smaller and making the eyelids «heavy». Sagging of the eye muscles and zygomatic muscles is the cause of bags under the eyes. The muscles and tissues located around the nose gradually weaken, this leads to the fact that the nose «spreads», and increases with age. The muscles of the chin and lower jaw descend, deep furrows appear down from the corners of the mouth. The muscles of the neck weaken and, as a result, a second chin appears.

Another factor that makes facial exercises an effective means of rejuvenation is the improvement of blood circulation in the lower layer of the skin. Delivery of nutrients to all cells of the human body, including epithelial cells, occurs only through the blood. Therefore, even in the case of an ideal balanced diet, if there are problems with blood flow in some part of the human body, then this area receives an insufficient amount of nutrients. And since good blood circulation is characteristic of those areas of the body where muscle fibers work intensively, then, as a rule, the skin of the face is usually a zone with poor blood circulation: we practically do not work with facial muscles (except for chewing).

Facial exercises improve blood circulation in the skin, which provides nutrition to the cells, and accelerates the process of their renewal in all layers of the skin.

During the first weeks after the start of facial gymnastics, the complexion improves and evens out, and a general improvement of the skin occurs. Skin becomes fresher and radiant. The oval of the face appears more clearly. Lips become fuller. Nasolabial folds are smoothed out. The bags under the eyes are reduced and fine wrinkles are smoothed out. The face acquires a youthful expression, forgotten, perhaps, for a long time.

Miracles do not happen, and you need to be realistic. But even the most incredulous skeptics cannot deny: facial gymnastics, when performed regularly, gives visible results, and the number of its supporters is steadily growing. And if you add traditional massage to it, proper cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, an active lifestyle, balanced nutrition and sports, then your youth will delight you and delight others for many years.

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