Mimic exercises for facial skin


In just a few weeks, this set of facial exercises will help get rid of shallow wrinkles, tighten and tone the skin of the face.

Exercise 1

This exercise improves the overall tone of the skin of the face: stimulates blood flow and improves metabolism in the skin.


Apply a thin layer of cream to your face.

First, with your right hand, pat on the left side of the neck, then with your left hand, pat on the right side of the neck.

The next step is to pat your chin with the back of your hand.

With the pads of your fingers, pat the lower part of the face, in the direction from the chin to the ears, then in the direction of the nose, go along the buccal-nasal fold.

Finish the exercise with a slap on the forehead.

It is important:

Try to relax your facial muscles.

After performing the exercise, the skin on the neck and face should be covered with a slight blush.

Patting should not cause pain. Start with weak blows and within a few months, focusing on your own feelings, gradually reach very strong blows.

The skin under the eyes is the most delicate, so go through this area of ​​​​the face with extreme caution.

Exercise 2

This exercise will be effective in order to get rid of a double chin and make the face oval clearer.


1. Open your mouth and place behind the lower jaw, index and middle fingers of one hand. Place a sanitary napkin under your fingers if necessary.

2. Now close your mouth, while counteracting this by pulling your lower jaw down and forward with your fingers.

3. Do this exercise for the second hand.

Execution time: 15-20 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 2 times.

It is important:

The resistance of the fingers, which prevents the mouth from closing, is a necessary condition for the maximum load of the facial muscles, the weakness of which is one of the causes of the appearance of a double chin.

When the facial muscles get stronger, and there is little resistance from the fingers of one hand, help yourself with the other hand.

Fingers in the mouth should not press on the teeth.

Exercise 3

This exercise helps to smooth out the nasolabial folds and wrinkles on the upper lip and provides a load to the circular muscle of the mouth. As a result, the lips visually increase in volume.


Close your eyes and relax the muscles of your whole body and face.

Place two fingers from each hand in your mouth. Try to round the lips, as is the case with the letter «O», and at the same time prevent this movement with the pressure of the fingers in the mouth.

It is important:

When performing the exercise, you should relax the muscles of the face and the whole body as much as possible, this will make the exercise more effective.

It is important that during the exercise you feel the tension of the lips all the time. Therefore, pay attention that the resistance of the fingers is constant throughout the exercise. And if the pressure of the fingers decreases, you will understand this by the appearance of wrinkles above the upper lip.

If the tension is not focused on the upper lip, then you will feel painful tension on the side of both lips or in the chin area.

General recommendations

Perform the described set of exercises daily until you reach your desired goal, then the number of workouts can be reduced to 1-2 per week.

It is necessary to pay close attention to nutrition: it should include all the useful substances necessary for the body (and in particular the skin). Often it is an imbalance in the diet that leads to a deterioration in the skin condition.

Sleep is important. Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of a sharp deterioration in skin tone.

Give up diets. Sharp jumps in weight, as a rule, negatively affect the condition of the skin.

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