Lifting the bar for biceps with a reverse grip


Reverse bicep curls primarily target the forearms, increasing their mass and strength.

Benefit exercises

Lifting the bar with a reverse grip in bodybuilding is performed to emphasize the load on the brachioradialis muscle. The brachioradialis muscle is one of the main muscles that is involved in flexing the elbow joint, its development increases the volume of the forearm, making them more massive, which allows you to balance the visual perception of the hands of athletes with well pumped biceps.

In addition to the brachioradialis muscle, the biceps and brachialis also take part in the exercise, that is, all the muscles involved in bending the arm in the elbow joint. Therefore, performing barbell lifts with a reverse grip will have a positive effect on the results in those sports where this movement is one of the main ones: mountaineering, gymnastics, wrestling, basketball, handball, tennis and many others.

Reverse Grip Barbell Curl Technique

Correct exercise technique:

1. Exercise is performed in a standing position. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your body straight, bend slightly at the waist and straighten your shoulders. Grasp the barbell with a shoulder-width overhand grip and lower it to your hips until your arms are nearly extended. This is the starting position.

2. Inhale, hold your breath, and slowly raise the bar to the level of the top of your chest.

3. Pause at the top and, as you exhale, slowly lower the bar to its original position.

It is important:

Do not throw the bar with the movement of the body or hips. Perform weight lifting exclusively with the help of arm muscles.

Keep your elbows near the body, and during the movement of the bar — motionless. Movement occurs only in the elbow joint, otherwise, “non-target” muscles are included in the work.

The wrists should be motionless relative to the forearms. The ideal option is when the wrists with the forearms form a straight line during the entire exercise.

Increase the weight of the bar gradually, strictly adhere to the execution technique — this is a guarantee of the work of the necessary muscles.

In this exercise, dumbbells are not an alternative to the barbell: as when lifting the dumbbells, the hands turn inward, which reduces the load on the forearms and reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. Whereas the bar provides the necessary turn of the brushes.

Working muscles

  • brachioradialis muscles
  • biceps
  • brachialis

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