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Women’s skin is a perfect, but very fragile body. Everything destroys its beauty — merciless time, climate features and even metabolism. But Italian cosmetics Beauty SPA will help you prolong wonderful moments of youth and beauty. The company’s credo — «on the way to beauty» means the constant development and improvement of technologies, and unique research laboratories make it possible to create exclusive cosmetics from natural ingredients. Beauty SPA, at the moment, they have two key areas in their products — facial skin care and body care.

Facial skin care cosmetics Beauty SPA represented by six product lines:

· The Aquapura line is designed for dry and dehydrated skin, has a deep moisturizing effect, retains moisture in the skin.

· A series of creams and emulsions Biozone is saturated with the healing properties of natural oils, which are additionally enriched with ozone. These components saturate the skin, nourish it, promote cell regeneration.

· Deliderm — These are preparations for sensitive skin, they protect, care for, restore the skin, help reduce sensitivity. Improves blood circulation in the small vessels of the skin, which stimulates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to its deeper layers. Preparations from this series delicately cleanse and care for sensitive skin, relieve irritation, redness, eliminate signs of fatigue and strengthen the capillary network.

· Series Genesis allows you to solve age-related skin problems: elasticity returns, the number of wrinkles decreases, cells are saturated with nutrients. Preparations of this series help to restore the elasticity of aging skin, protect it from the harmful effects of the external environment. The wrinkle filling effect creates visible changes in the skin from the first application, it becomes toned and radiant.

· Purity — this is a help for oily skin, based on components of vegetable and marine origin, effectively combats excessive oily skin, acne problems, prevents the occurrence of acne and comedones.

· source of light — a line of products with a whitening effect. Fights unwanted pigmentation, moisturizes the skin, refreshes the complexion. The problem of excessive pigmentation is associated not only with age-related phenomena, but also with excessive exposure to the sun (in a solarium), often with smoking — all these factors are taken into account in the Source of Light line. Preparations neutralize the action of free radicals, relieve irritation, inhibit inflammation, restore the skin after the aggressive effects of peeling, toxic substances, plastic surgery, and give a radiant and even complexion.

· Ozonage is a rejuvenating system Beauty SPA, consisting of creams and serums with the action of chemical peels, aimed at deep renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. The quick rejuvenating effect of the use of drugs has a prolonged effect and helps fight the problem of skin aging after 40 years. The drug system is specially designed for safe home use. Now you can carry out the anti-age program at home without fear of irritation and side effects. Beauty SPA cosmetics It’s safety first! Scientific laboratory specialists Beauty SPA invented a unique combination of absolutely safe acids for peeling at your home, and highly effective creams and serums of this series have an additional rejuvenating and tightening effect.

Body care Beauty SPA presented in five series of cosmetics:

· Atlantis is a series of preparations for the fight against cellulite, created on the basis of therapeutic mud and clay in symbiosis with active natural extracts.

· silhouette line designed to shape the silhouette, makes the figure more elegant and the skin toned.

· Lizard Sun — cosmetics are designed to protect the skin from the aggressive effects of ultraviolet rays.

· Biozone line for the body, as well as the series for the face, is enriched with oils and ozone and after a month of use the skin will become more toned, the appearance of cellulite will decrease, metabolic processes will be regulated and volumes will decrease.

· Amazonia — means for weight loss and against cellulite, which can be used by both women and men.


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