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If the mood is bad, things are not going well, the injustice of life has become unbearable, patience has come to an end, and everything is “sick” — dance krump. This dance is designed to release negative emotions!

Krump is an abbreviation that when expanded looks like Kingdom Radially Uplifted Mighty Praise, which means «Empire of the Absolute Power of Spiritual Praise.» Now this dance is one of the most stylish and fashionable in Europe. Its essence is the dancer’s expression of his inner essence. There are no strict norms and standards in it, because all people are different, which means that everyone has their own style of expressing their own “I”. Interestingly, the founders of krump were believers, and through dance they sought to know themselves and find a path to spiritual growth.

History of occurrence dance

The krump dance is quite young. Its history is hardly 20 years old. The birth of a new dance movement began in the 90s of the last century in Los Angeles. Young people began to unite in the so-called «families», united around the leader — the main dancer Big Homie, who also acted as a spiritual mentor. Such a «family» had its own internal hierarchy, a clear distribution of roles based on the professionalism of the dancer and his authority among other members of the group. Each participant can move up the hierarchical ladder (sometimes through several steps), can be excluded from the group or voluntarily leave it.

Each «family» develops its own dance style, which is demonstrated at battles — competitions. Inexperienced members of the group do not have the right to speak on behalf of the «family». Battles are often aggressive in nature, competitions are held in a tough form. Competitors, being carried away by the process, often forget about everything except the fight, get out of control. The task of krump is to throw out negative emotions, to give vent to your anger.

The ancestor of this krump style is considered to be Thomas Johnson, known among his circle as Clown Johnson. He also invented a clown dance, the so-called clowning. The dancers actively spread the new style, first in California, where they opened several schools, and, ten years later, in Europe.

Now krump schools exist all over the world. Missy Elliott, BEP and Madonna use this dance style in their videos.


What is krump?

The krump dance direction has a lot in common with break dance and hip-hop culture. It is also a way of self-expression of the younger generation. Each krump movement is thought out, has a certain semantic load and is designed to emphasize the individuality of the performer.

The dance technique is quite complex and is based on energetic movements of the arms, legs, and body. Active rotations of the head, sharp turns of the torso, twitching of the back, powerful swinging blows, strong movements of the chest (chest pop) are often used.

The main element of the krump is the stump — the movement of the legs. The main task of the stamp is to create a mood, to “turn on” the dancer, to show his strong and tough character.

Kinds dance

Types of krump differ from the level of training of the dancer and his professional achievements. The main types of this direction include:

  • entry level — Clowning;
  • stable average — Old School of Krump;
  • new modified level — New Style of Krump.

Krump Features

Despite the aggressive style of the dance, it is not necessary to have good physical fitness to perform it. The main thing here is a demonstration of inner qualities, strength and character. Kramp is a dance for everyone, the main thing is your own feelings and the ability to express them with body language.

Crump is a dance in which the audience must be present, so the dance is performed in the form of a show or competition. Dance teams compete with each other for the championship, and dancers for leadership.

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