Cosmetics Kristina is the leader of Israeli cosmetology.


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Israeli cosmetics Christina, is one of the most popular brands, it is in great demand among ordinary consumers (who, due to the fast pace of life, do not have time to visit beauty salons), and cosmetologists. The history of this brand began in the distant seventies of the twentieth century. It was then that the cosmetologist Zehavi Kristina conducts research that is aimed at improving the effectiveness of her cosmetic procedures. In 1982, the world saw the first line of cosmetics, which was called Christina.

Cosmetics «Christina» — It’s mostly professional cosmetics. She enjoys great prestige among professional cosmetologists who use it with great pleasure.

Cosmetics «Christina» is an innovative product in terms of result and composition. A good result is achieved with professional and competent application. This cosmetics is a leader in the field of beauty of the body and face. Cosmetologists give their choice to Christina cosmetics, because it gives the maximum result in the presence of a large number of cosmetic problems.

Cosmetics «Christina» has a wide range of products, which includes products for home use, a variety of complexes of products (for rejuvenation, tightening, etc.), lotions, masks, tonics and much more. The choice of cosmetics is so great that it is even represented by an assortment not only for women, but also for men. All of the above Christina cosmetics can be purchased from our online store.

The production of all cosmetic products of this brand is based on the use of its scientific base, as well as the base of the best scientific laboratories around the world, in which various tests and studies are carried out by world-famous scientists.

The company paid great attention to the training of employees of beauty salons, who received the necessary knowledge when working with this cosmetics. This is another plus, due to which the brand has gained recognition in its professional environment.

All cosmetics are combined into several lines. Each of the lines has a set of tools that are aimed at solving certain problems. Buy cosmetics «Christina» in Kyiv available in our online store.

Manufacturer cosmetics «Christina» developed a set of products for skin rejuvenation, as well as an anti-stress line of skin preparations. The latter helps to preserve the youthfulness of the skin in the presence of constant stress.

The manufacturer made a special look towards the creation of cosmetics for skin that has problems. This product line also includes products for post-peeling and peeling care. The highlight of this line are cosmetics intended for the care of the skin around the eyes.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the creation of serums, gels, tonics, lotions, masks and creams. Using production of the Christina company you will keep the youth for many years. Buy Christina cosmetics from Israel, You can contact the official representative of the company — our online store.

Cosmetics «Christina» has a large selection of products of various cosmetology products. For any woman and even a man there is cosmetics, due to its use you will not know what bags under the eyes, wrinkles and sagging skin are, you will always look fresh and young.

Buy Christina cosmetics in our online store «myHealth» means to acquire a large number of pleasant emotions. At any time you can purchase cosmetics in our online store, while receiving fast delivery and excellent service. We assure you that you will be satisfied with the high quality service of our store.


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