Cosmetics Jean D’estrees


Cosmetics Jean D'estrees

Jean d’Estre Company offers you skin care products that can significantly improve the quality and aesthetic indicators of the skin condition:

  • Moisturizers. HYDRO-ACTIF is a patented, unparalleled complex that underlies all preparations of this range. It includes exclusive natural ingredients: almond glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid, Indian Cassia angustifolia. The presence of these components provides instant and long-term hydration of the skin. Generates skin’s natural moisturizing factor.
  • Products for oily and combination skin. This is a complex that maintains an optimal balance of oily skin, it contains iris extract, zinc and retinol (vitamin A). Iris extract has an anti-inflammatory effect and tightens pores. Iris extract is rich in bioflavonoids, which are natural antioxidants, iridine glycoside, myristic and other organic acids, tannins, saponins. These active ingredients help fight acne. They block inflammatory processes, reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands and regulate metabolic processes in the skin.

Zinc and Retinol are famous for their antibacterial action. Vitamin A also regulates lipase and free fatty acids, prevents the formation of comedones. jean d estrees cosmetics help you see the world with different eyes.

  • Products for very dry skin. The main care component in this series is edelweiss extract. This natural component moisturizes, nourishes, protects it from the negative external effects of the environment. Stimulates the saturation of cells with oxygen, levels the aging process and fights the aggressive effects of free radicals.
  • Products for sensitive skin. Natural extract of brown flax creates a protective film on the surface of the upper layer of the skin, blocks receptors at the level of dead cells (corneocytes), which forms the resistance of cells to histamine and other inflammatory mediators. Softens the skin and protects it from external aggressive influences. Chistyak’s extract, due to the high content of saponins, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, relieves swelling and redness that accompany inflammatory processes. This tool is one of the best cosmetics Jean Dastre.
  • Purifying gamma. Contains green fig extract, which is rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, B6), vitamin A, C and contains a whole complex of trace elements (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc). Stimulates regenerative processes in cells, maintains moisture balance in the skin, softens and refreshes it.
  • Illuminating gamma. Eclalight Shine & Even Shade Program. This is a 3-step program from Laboratories Jean d’Estrees to combat the problems of unwanted pigmentation and dull skin tone. The Eclalight system as part of its complex contains sulforaphane, which produces a double effect: it gives radiance to the skin and evens out its tone, the system acts in two directions:

— Suppresses the action of free radicals and activates the cell defense system.

— Inhibits the activity of the hormone a-MSH (responsible for hyperpigmentation).

As a result, natural pigmentation is stabilized, the skin becomes smooth and luminous.

  • Gamma solution. This line of products jean d estrees cosmetics will help make your skin smooth, beautiful, with an even tone and incredible radiance. Preparations of this range successfully deal with such problems as acne treatment, removal of age spots, nutrition and hydration even for the driest skin.
  • Line bio COSMETIC. This is a unique complex for facial skin care, which has received an Ecological certificate and qualifies as bio cosmetics from all-natural plant ingredients. These ingredients are derived from bio-agriculture. bio COSMETIC- is a range that includes the exclusive bio-care method «Absolute Beauty». This method follows the basic principles Jean d’Estre cosmetics — the effectiveness and pleasure of using light and refined ingredients designed for all skin types.


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