Cleanliness is the key to health with Oxygen Botanicals cosmetics


The title of this post is not accidental. Unfortunately, due to the usual ignorance of the most basic rules for cleansing the skin, many problems appear. Skin cleansing is one of the most important steps in the entire skin care process, for any type of skin. The most common mistake is neglecting cleansing procedures in the evening, before going to bed, and sleeping right “in cosmetics”. Dear girls, when you fall asleep without removing your makeup, you can’t even imagine what happens to your skin while you sleep sweetly. Dust, dirt, which has settled on the skin all day, combines with your foundation, powder and blush, as well as with the sebaceous glands secreted throughout the day. And all this mixture penetrates deep into the pores, causing infections and inflammation, «thanks» to which your skin becomes covered with pimples, acne and comedones. Therefore, please do not forget about cleansing, even if you do not use decorative cosmetics at all.

Cleansers should be chosen according to your skin type. Well-foaming gels and foams are suitable for oily skin, and milk for dry and normal skin. However, never use regular soap to clean your skin. The alkali contained in it, plus the hard water that comes from the tap, will make your skin dehydrated, tired and tight, and for a long time.

Our online cosmetics store Oxygen Botanicals offers you a whole series of cosmetics, among which you can choose cleansers for any skin type. Oxygen Botanicals professional cosmetics are cosmetics that are made in Canada and have the highest level of effectiveness and quality. A distinctive feature of the cosmetics of this brand is the extremely high oxygen content in each of the products it produces. So, using cleansers of this brand, you not only gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin of excess cosmetics, dirt and sebum, but also help it recover. The oxygen contained in cosmetics causes skin cells at all levels to self-repair, while receiving all the necessary trace elements for normal functioning. As a result, you get fresh, ruddy, hydrated and rested skin, on which wrinkles will not appear for a long time.

In our store you can buy Oxygen Botanicals cosmetics for skin cleansing, which is represented by make-up remover lotions, gels, milk and antiseptics, creams and preparations for problematic, oily and dry skin, as well as separate eye makeup removers. Moreover, the prices for goods from this manufacturer are absolutely acceptable, so effective and natural care for your skin is quite affordable. All products presented on our website fully comply with European quality parameters, and are also clearly aimed at improving the skin, in addition to cleansing. For many years, Canadian pharmacists in the field of biomolecular technologies have been developing such products that would not only perform the function of cleansing the skin, but also saturate it with the life-giving power of oxygen and the purest spring water. So the reviews about Oxygen Botanicals cosmetics will not let you lie, a huge number of girls and women in Ukraine have already met this brand, and they do not want to give it up. Manufacturers do not aim to increase sales, they really care about the health of the skin of their customers.


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