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Spa pedicure is not only beautiful and well-groomed feet. This is a whole ritual that includes taking care of the skin of the feet and nails, as well as a lot of pleasure.

Like any other spa treatment, the pedicure is performed at a measured pace. Your feet are not just put in order, they are loved and caressed. Adherents of the classic pedicure often say that this procedure is a waste of time. Indeed, in addition to the pedicure itself, a lot of time is spent on additional procedures in order to give you a lot of pleasure. Therefore, if you are interested not only in the final result and you want to enjoy the process itself, then the spa pedicure procedure is for you.

Spa pedicure procedure

In various spa salons, pedicures can be carried out with some variations, but what remains unchanged is that cutting instruments are not used in the process. All cleaning takes place with the help of various means that soften and dissolve rough skin. And after cleaning, the procedure does not end and the most pleasant begins.

The first step in a spa pedicure is an antiseptic bath or foot treatment with disinfectants. After that, in some salons, a hardware pedicure is performed. However, true spa connoisseurs prefer cleaning by other methods. Most often, the master performs a light peeling of the feet using sea salt, as well as various vegetable pomace. This procedure is necessary to remove superficial dead skin cells and prepare the legs for the application of a cleansing serum. Thanks to which deep peeling is carried out, corns and calluses go away, the skin of the foot is leveled.

The next step in the spa pedicure is to apply a nourishing mask. This substance provides skin care, making it soft and tender. Most often, various essential oils are added to it, depending on the desired result (relaxing, regenerating, healing, etc.). The applied mask remains on the surface of the feet for about half an hour.

The third stage of the procedure is a relaxing massage. It has long been known that on the human foot there are many active points and nerve endings responsible for various organs. But, besides the fact that this massage is extremely useful, it is also pleasant, providing a tonic and at the same time relaxing effect. During and after the massage, a moisturizing agent is applied to the feet, which helps to avoid the formation of cracks and dryness in the future.

Also, at the request of the client, in the intervals between the stages of a spa pedicure, it is possible to apply a paraffin mask, perform additional peelings and specific types of massage.

The result of a spa pedicure lasts longer than after a circumcision, so the procedure can be repeated every 5-6 weeks or as desired. Each treatment lasts at least an hour (to achieve complete relaxation) or even longer depending on the number of additional treatments.

Classic spa pedicure, like most other spa treatments, involves the presence of scented candles and quiet music to promote relaxation.

spa pedicure Spa Pedicure Benefits

There are many advantages of a spa pedicure, but the most obvious of them are:

  • Complex relaxation
  • High-quality cleaning without the use of cutting tools, which helps to gradually reduce the amount of rough skin
  • Using a lot of emollients
  • Long term result

Disadvantages of spa pedicure

  • The disadvantages of this procedure are few, but still they are. These include:
  • The spa pedicure procedure is quite gentle, therefore, in order to achieve a good result, it should be repeated regularly.
  • The cost of the procedure is quite high.
  • The duration of the procedure does not allow you to “write” it into a lunch break or other short period of time in a busy day mode

What to pay attention to

The main thing to pay attention to when sitting in a chair is the surroundings. A real spa pedicure should relax you, not the other way around. The atmosphere should not be annoying — you will not find a loudly screaming TV or closely set chairs on which other clients “relax” in the neighborhood in a real spa salon.

It should also be remembered that a spa pedicure is not just a massage after trimming, but a whole ritual to relax and please the client. Therefore, if the procedure does not satisfy you, do not hesitate to tell the master about it.

Let self-care bring you joy!

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