Beautiful feet: French pedicure


French pedicure is also called European or dry. This procedure will help you put your feet in order and at the same time avoid cuts and injuries.

French pedicure is a kind of classic cleaning, however, the essential difference is that neither scissors nor tweezers are used to remove the cuticle. The main tool is a wooden stick (preferably from an orange tree), with which the skin is simply pushed back to the base of the nail.

The whole procedure is carried out «dry». Of the emollients, only special ointments or creams are used.


Unlike the classic one, no water is used during the French pedicure. The periungual zone is treated with a special agent that softens and partially dissolves the cuticle. After the skin becomes supple, it is moved with a wooden stick to the base of the nail, as if “hiding” inside. Thus, due to the lack of cutting instruments, the patient avoids the possibility of cuts, and as a result, inflammation.

The second stage of this procedure is the polishing of the nail plate. It is better if it is done with a special velvet. But sometimes for polishing the master I use special nail files with abrasive coating. This option is more radical and less harmless, so you should not abuse it.

The third step of the French pedicure is to soften the skin of the foot. For this, special emollient creams are used, as in a hardware pedicure. The product is driven or rubbed into the skin with a light massage. After the keratinized skin has become soft, it is removed with a gentle pumice stone. This procedure is safe, since special ointments soften only the «dead» skin, and when it is removed, the «live» skin is not injured. As a result, the regenerating function of the skin does not turn on, and new growths appear very slowly.

The final stage of the French pedicure procedure is a relaxing massage using nourishing creams or oils.

The first procedures should be repeated every 3-4 weeks. As the cuticle thins, this range increases to 5-6 weeks. The duration of each procedure is from 40 to 60 minutes.

Benefits of a French Pedicure

The main advantages of the French pedicure are that:

  • It is absolutely safe and non-traumatic
  • Already after 5-6 procedures, the cuticle will become much thinner, and sessions can be carried out less often.
  • The cost of this procedure is not shocking (prices are on average the same as the cost of a classic pedicure)
  • French pedicure has no contraindications

french pedicure

Disadvantages of a French pedicure

Among the disadvantages of this procedure are the following:

  • An excellent result can be achieved only with regular repetition of the procedure.
  • In between, you should not visit other types of pedicure procedures (especially trimming), so as not to stimulate skin regeneration and not cause its active growth
  • The result is clearly noticeable only from 5-6 procedures (meaning the thinning of the cuticle, and not the smoothness of the skin of the foot)
  • The procedure is soft and gentle, so the result will not be noticeable on neglected legs.

What to pay attention to

Very often in salons, instead of a real French pedicure, a mixed procedure is performed. That is, the cuticle is treated «dry», but the feet are steamed in the classical way, with the help of warm water. After that, corns and calluses are removed either with a pumice stone or with a special pedicure razor. This method is more radical and dangerous, because. water softens all layers of the skin (keratinized and “living”), and when removed, too thick pieces are often cut off from the surface. And since the skin instantly “turns on” the regenerating function, then in addition to cuts, you risk becoming dependent on the procedure, because the growths will appear faster and become denser. Therefore, before you sit in a chair, check exactly how the procedure goes.

Let self-care bring you joy!

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Author: Natalia Kay

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