Beautiful feet: classic pedicure


Classic pedicure has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for many years, not only among women, but also men.

Edged (classic) pedicure is an essential foot care procedure. And despite the fact that every day, salons offer more and more alternative solutions for putting feet in order (machine pedicure, French pedicure, etc.), trimmed pedicure, one way or another, remains the most popular procedure among consumers.

Thanks to regular classic pedicure procedures, you will not only preserve the beauty and well-groomed feet and nails, but also easily avoid many problems and diseases of the feet (corns, ingrown nail plates, flat feet, etc.).

But, despite the familiarity of this procedure, few people know what exactly is the secret of a high-quality edged pedicure. Only subject to certain rules of the procedure, the result will be maintained for a long time, and trauma will be minimized. Therefore, going to the salon and trusting your feet to the master, pay attention to the little things.

Classical (cut) pedicure procedure

Few people know that the very first stage of a classic pedicure is the application of a special exfoliating cream to dense areas of the skin of the feet. Thanks to this step, the further procedure will take less time, and the likelihood of injury and cuts will decrease to almost zero.

The second stage of a trimmed pedicure is working with nails. The main rule at this stage is that the shape and length of the nails must be corrected strictly before the legs are steamed (that is, dry). Only in this case, the master has the opportunity to see the natural position of the cuticle, and will not damage it when working with the nail plate.

At the third stage, the legs are steamed. Depending on the goals or wishes of the client, various herbal infusions or essential oils are used for steaming. So, for example, citrus or tea tree oil invigorates and is a wonderful antiseptic. And ylang-ylang or jasmine will help to relax and soften the skin qualitatively. The entire steaming procedure should not take more than 15-20 minutes.

After the legs are prepared, proceed to the next stage of the trimmed pedicure — cleaning. First, using pumice stones of different density, they clean off the rough skin from the heels and other parts of the foot. After that, using a soft nail file and tweezers, the cuticle area is cleaned.

The classic pedicure procedure is completed by washing the feet in clean water and applying a nourishing cream to the feet and periungual skin.

In general, the entire classic pedicure procedure lasts about an hour, and to maintain the desired result, it is advisable to repeat the trimmed pedicure procedure every 3-4 weeks.


Classic pedicure

The main advantages of a classic pedicure include the following:

  • Relatively low time costs
  • High-quality «manual» cleaning
  • Using a lot of emollients
  • Long-term result
  • Relatively low price compared to alternative options for bringing legs in order
  • Familiarity and comprehensibility of the procedure


Adherents of the classic edged pedicure argue that, subject to the work of a good master, this procedure has no drawbacks. They are partly right, because the main disadvantages of this procedure are the possible mistakes of the master working with your feet. The main disadvantages of a classic pedicure include:

  • Potential for cuts and injuries
  • Infections and inflammations (provided insufficient disinfection of instruments)
  • A poorly executed edged pedicure loses its appearance very quickly

What to pay attention to

It should be remembered that the expression «edged pedicure» appeared only because during the cleaning of the periungual zone, excess cuticles are cut off. But not because during the procedure all rough skin areas are cut off. The heel area and other dense areas, the master should clean only with a pumice stone. The use of blades or razors to remove «dead» skin in a classic pedicure is strictly prohibited. After all, this action, although it facilitates the work of the master, but, firstly, it can cause injury or a cut, and secondly, it stimulates the function of skin regeneration, thereby accelerating the appearance of even more seals and corns.

Let self-care bring you joy!

Author: Natalia Kay

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