Anti-aging care with Jean D’estrees cosmetics


Among the preparations and care products of the anti-aging category, cosmetics Jean D’estrees offers the following lines:

  • «Golden Elixir» it is a combination of oligo-cellular gold and calcium pearls. Oligo-cell gold (Oligocells gold) is an exclusive component extracted from the carob tree. Gold is known for its regenerative abilities, it enhances tissue repair processes and helps in the regulation of energy metabolism. Protects elastin and collagen fibers from destruction, helps restore skin elasticity. Due to the neutralization of free radicals, tissue aging slows down. Calcium pearls in tandem with the Padina algae component have a lasting rejuvenating effect, because calcium is an important component for maintaining skin elasticity. It contributes to the strengthening and modeling of facial contours, activates intracellular anti-aging processes. Thanks to cosmetics Jean d’estrees you will feel that time has stopped.
  • 3D Rides is a revolution in the fight against wrinkles: 1. Smoothing mimic wrinkles with the help of the Dermo-Relax complex — a hexapeptide with the effect of Botox. This biologically active complex is aimed at relaxing the muscles of the face, as a result of which mimic wrinkles disappear. The results will not be long in coming — after a month of using this jean dastre cosmetics, wrinkles are reduced by half. 2. Wrinkle filling is due to the effect of hormone replacement therapy. Iris isoflavones protect collagen and elastin fibers from destruction, restore skin elasticity and firmness. The first results are noticeable after 28 days when using the product 2 times a day — the number of wrinkles is reduced by 64%. 3. Protection thanks to UVA-UVB filters. They provide a «shield» for your skin and protect it from harmful UV rays.
  • «Prevention of aging (30-40 years)». This line is represented by 4 anti-aging components:

Ginger is a powerful tonic and firming ingredient. It fights against loss of elasticity and tone, helps to overcome the «fatigue» of the skin. Accelerates metabolism and improves the energy balance of cells.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, youth stimulator, stimulates the skin’s resistance to external factors. Enhances cellular metabolism, minimizes the number of wrinkles, makes the skin supple.

oxygenation. Soybean proteins saturate the cells with the nutrients necessary for the biobalance of cells, moisturize and provide protection. Due to oxygenation, skin cells absorb oxygen by 30% more.

The radiance of the skin. Lipopeptides Lupine — Eclalight give a phenomenal light-reflecting effect for an even complexion.

Application jean dastre cosmeticswill not give a chance to old age to get close to you.

  • «Anti-Aging Gamma 40-60+» is an effective biologically renewing complex, it contains the following components:

— Ursolic acid is an extract of the Australian plant Pituri, contains nicotine. It activates the production of collagen fibers, improves skin firmness and elasticity, and reduces the number of visible wrinkles. Transdermal carriers — liposomes of the second generation, carry out acid delivery to the deep layers of the skin.

— Shiitake mushroom extract contains youth coenzyme Q10. It activates the energy potential of cells, strengthens their immunity, stimulates oxygen saturation of cells.

— Vitamin E (Tocopherol) in the form of a microemulsion: the strongest antioxidant. Stimulates intercellular oxygen exchange, promotes cell regeneration.

  • Gamma «So nature» is a line of drugs formulated with 100% natural ingredients. The composition does not use parabens. Honeysuckle extract acts as a natural preservative and contributes to the preservation of products for six months after opening the drug.

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