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If nature has not rewarded you with strong beautiful nails, then the problem can be solved quickly and radically — with the help of a nail extension service.

Beautiful well-groomed nails, it’s beautiful and spectacular. But, unfortunately, not all nature endowed with such dignity. Many are not satisfied with the degree of fragility of the nail plate, its delamination, shape. These shortcomings can be dealt with for a long time and methodically with the help of proper nutrition and enhanced care for hands and nails. But, unfortunately, such methods do not always give the desired result. In this case, the nail extension service will work much faster and more efficiently — within a couple of hours after you cross the threshold of the salon, your hands will delight with perfect nails.

What it is?

Do not confuse nail extensions with false nails. High-quality extended nails last for several weeks and visually practically do not differ from natural ones. True, it should be noted that the technologies of some types of extensions involve the use of tips (roughly speaking, the very false nail), but the degree of its fixing differs significantly from the elementary attachment to the glue.

Initially, nail extensions were used to mask nail defects (curvature, tuberosity, partial destruction). However, fashionistas liked the easy way to get beautiful hands with well-groomed nails very quickly, and this procedure began to gain more and more popularity in the world of cosmetology. However, it should be noted that the first solutions and mixtures that were used for nail extensions were quite toxic, which did not allow the procedure to be carried out often, and during the procedure, the client and the master had to wear special masks. To date, all drugs used during the procedure have a toxicity level below the permissible level and absolutely do not harm a person.

The course and duration of the procedure, the strength of the nails, the durability of the result depends on which extension technology you choose for yourself. In modern cosmetology, there are four basic types of nail extensions:

  • gel nail extension
  • Acrylic nail extension
  • Nail extension using glue-powder technology
  • Fabric nail extension

The difference between these technologies mainly lies in the use of different types of materials, but also plays a role and feature of the build-up process itself. You can learn more about each procedure by reading the relevant articles.

Various technologies can serve as an independent method of nail extension, as well as be used in a complex way, such as applying a layer of gel on an acrylic base. The use of different materials depends on the wishes of the client in terms of the desired result.

It should also be noted that regardless of the technology of nail extension, there are two main bases for extension:

  • Nail extension on tips
  • Nail extension on forms

The first base involves the use of an artificial plate imitating a nail to give shape and length to the nail. Usually, to use tips, your nail must have a minimal overgrown «edging», since the tips are placed on it and are already leveled from above by applying gel or acrylic. The rest of the tips remain on the nails up to 6-8 corrections.

Nail extension on forms involves modeling the nail without using a base. That is, the master himself lays out the shape and length on the nail and, leaning against it, a special foil. After the procedure, the foil is removed. This method does not require growing the «edging» of the nail.

Advantages of the procedure

nail extensionThe advantages of this procedure are many. The main ones include:

  • Nails look neat, even, beautiful, and natural (with high-quality extensions)
  • Virtually any imperfections of the nail are masked, any shape and length is available
  • Nails are strong, but at the same time much «softer», for example, when sliding over the skin
  • After nail extension, the varnish lasts much longer (there is no release of natural fat), suitable for painting and decorating
  • The shape and length can be changed during any correction, and drastically
  • The longest nail extension procedure takes up to 3 hours with a coating (correction — up to 2 hours), which means you do not have to wait for months to grow long nails
  • If the nail is broken, it can be easily replaced, and not cut off all the others

Extended legs protect the nail plate from harmful environmental factors. Do not believe the myth that the nails do not breathe under the preparation. They can also breathe from the inside, but they are definitely not afraid of all mechanical and chemical damage under such “armor”.


Despite the convenience and speed of nail extension, this procedure, unfortunately, has its drawbacks. The main ones are:

  • The need for correction every 3-4 weeks
  • Some extension technologies involve the use of materials that may later turn out to be tiny.
  • Some nails (especially gel nails) are difficult to remove. You can get rid of them only by cutting a layer of material
  • Nail extensions and their correction take a lot of time, and the procedure cannot be ignored, since the nails begin to look very messy after 3-4 weeks
  • Without coating, in most cases (with the exception of French manicure extensions or other drawings), the nails look unnatural


One of the significant disadvantages of nail extension is a fairly large list of contraindications. You should not ignore them, because this will not only make the result short-lived (artificial nails will peel off, peel off), but can also harm your health (inflammation, suppuration, etc.). The main contraindications include:

  • Taking antibiotics
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory processes in the body as a whole and local inflammation on the nails
  • Cardiovascular disease and circulatory problems
  • Any hormonal disorders
  • Taking a course of chemotherapy
  • Allergic reactions to materials used in the nail extension process
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Fungal diseases of the nails
  • Unhealed nail injuries (hematomas, bruises, wounds under the nails)
  • Wet palms and fingers

How to care for nails after building?

The rules for caring for artificial nails practically do not differ from the rules for caring for natural ones. However, you should pay attention to some features so that the nails stay “in place” longer and delight you with their beauty.

  1. It is a mistake to believe that extended nails are strong, which means that they can be used instead of a hammer, tongs, screwdriver, etc. In fact, they break too. In addition, an extended nail is less elastic than a natural nail, which means that you should even give up the habit of drumming your nails on the table. A sharp blow can crack the nail.
  2. You should not grow nails that are significantly different from your natural ones in length. Since you are not used to wearing very long nails, you will constantly cling to everything in a row, which can lead not only to inconvenience, but also to injuries. Try to increase the length gradually.
  3. Artificial nails burn remarkably, so avoid contact with open flames, be careful with lighters and matches.
  4. When caring for nails, do not use scissors or nippers to adjust the length. An artificial nail is more tiny, which means it can simply crack. In addition, you should not do trimmed manicure. Thus, you will expose the periungual part of the skin, and the machine manicure during the correction will be very painful. Also use acetone-free removers to avoid dissolving the surface of the nail and making it porous.

Let your nails be beautiful!

Author: Natalia Kay

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