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The Chinese company Tianshi embodies the oriental approach to human health. There, a lot of attention is paid to a person’s lifestyle, disease prevention. A doctor in the East teaches his ward to be healthy for many years, like a teacher in a school. The Tianshi company aims to bring health to people, pays close attention to the quality of its products, and occupies a leading position in the market of biologically active additives (BAA). Tienshi produces dietary supplements, medical cosmetics, appliances, environmentally friendly home and body care products based on the unique experience of Tibetan medicine. Tianshi’s biologically active food supplements, officially supplied to the United Nations, are recognized and highly appreciated around the world, have received over a dozen different awards, and are recognized as the «Best Health Products for Astronauts». What are the advantages of Tianshi products and how does it differ from other dietary supplements? Bioadditives Tiensha are absolutely natural, without hormones, dyes, preservatives, stabilizers and stimulants, absorbed by 95 percent within 15 minutes. Dietary supplement Tienshi is produced using the most modern technologies and equipment from Japan, Germany, Switzerland. The basis of the recipe for Tianshi products was developed according to ancient Chinese records. Bioadditives Tiensha are certified by international standards, are not addictive and have no side or negative reactions, are perfectly combined with drugs and provide a stable effect. Tiansha’s products are safe for pregnant women and children, multifunctional in their effect on the human body. From the point of view of oriental medicine, the main cause of diseases is the poor permeability of blood through the vessels and the distribution of energy along the meridians of the human body. This is the basis for such types of treatment as acupuncture, acupuncture and others. Similarly, dietary supplement Tiens normalizes the passage of energy through the meridians and blood through the vessels with the help of bioenergetic supplements. Bioadditives Tiensha cleanse and nourish the human body at the cell level, regulate the biobalance and rejuvenate the body, affect the processes of an irreversible nature in diseases considered incurable by Western medicine, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, immunodeficiency, cancer and a number of other diseases. An oriental healer heals not a disease, but a patient, taking into account the interconnection of all organs and systems not only in the physical body of a person, but also at the energy level. By using Tianshi products, you make the right choice in favor of your health and longevity!


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