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Since 1982 Christina has been developing specialized revitalizing and rejuvenating cosmetics. Only high-quality components and innovative technologies are used in production. At the moment, the company «Christina» produces more than three hundred cosmetic products. They are used only by professional cosmetologists in beauty salons. Cosmetics «Kristina» occupies a leading position in the cosmetology market and constantly offers its clients innovative and improved products that can solve a number of aesthetic skin problems.

The Christina company understands the needs of women like no other, because it was also created by a woman — the famous cosmetologist Christina Zehavi. She manages an international company, which has its own factory and research centers. Buying cosmetics Christina, you always make a choice in favor of youth and beauty. Using the achievements of modern science, «Kristina» continues to create more and more new lines of cosmetics that provide gentle care, provide skin with protection and treatment.

You can buy cosmetics Christina selecting the drugs you need on our website. . . The company «Kristina» has an individual approach to solving skin problems, developing whole complexes of drugs that complement each other. Each line is dedicated to solving a number of problems:

  • The Peelosophy series is a specially designed line of professional peeling preparations for intractable skin problems. The combination of simultaneously acting highly active substances gives a controlled result of the cell reaction and ensures tissue regeneration. Peelosophy peeling is not dangerous, it is highly effective and allows you to solve a whole range of skin problems. It neutralizes the action of biofactors that affect the occurrence of skin defects. Peelosophy Acne peeling solves the problems of acne, post-acne, pigmentation. Peelosophy Rejuvenating peeling produces a rejuvenating effect, providing the skin with health and youth. Peelosophy Lightening peeling is used to lighten the skin.
  • The Wish series is a line of modern anti-aging preparations that support the work of the natural mechanism in the fight against skin aging. The use of a complex of preparations improves the appearance of the skin, its color and structure, tightens and restores skin turgor.
  • The Unstress series is a series of unique preparations that have a calming effect on the skin, relieve irritation, regulate skin oiliness and its water balance. Prevents the aging process of the skin, gives it health and beauty.
  • The Silk series produces a rejuvenating effect, maintains an optimal level of skin moisture, smoothes wrinkles, structures and tightens the oval of the face. The preparations do not cause irritation and side effects and can be used as an express method of rejuvenation.
  • The Rose de Mer series is a completely organic peeling, it contains a complex of herbs, corals and algae. Stimulates active cell regeneration, helps to overcome sagging, skin aging, evens out fine wrinkles, maintains skin hydrobalance, regulates the sebaceous glands, eliminates problems caused by skin damage caused by UV radiation, removes acne and post-acne scars.
  • The name of the series «Forever Young» speaks for itself, this line of products actively fights the signs of aging and smoothes both fine and deep wrinkles. Evens out the texture of the skin, saturates it with moisture, restores firmness and elasticity.
  • The Fluoroxygen + C series helps to get rid of the problems of photoaging and changes in skin pigmentation. The products of this series brighten the upper layers of the dermis and affect the productivity of melanin production in the inner layers of the skin. They protect the skin from negative external influences, remove post-acne pigmentation, and have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The Elastin Collagen series are creams designed for different skin types that have a pronounced moisturizing effect without causing oily skin. Preparations of this series stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. In this series of Christina cosmetics you can choose a cream for any type of skin.
  • The Sunscreen line is represented by creams with SPF-25 protection against ultraviolet radiation. Due to the presence of triazine in the composition, they neutralize UV ​​radiation twice as active as conventional filters. Sunscreen products are waterproof and resistant to heat. Even with prolonged exposure to the sun, their texture is preserved. Light and heat also do not shorten the shelf life of drugs, which guarantees you full protection for the entire beach season.

Buy cosmetics Christina sun protection series is available on the website. . .

The best guarantee of quality is positive reviews about cosmetics Christinaleft by her grateful and forever young clients!


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