The basics of stretching. Part 2


After exercises to stretch the muscles of the ankle and groin, we move on to stretching the inner surface of the thigh and psoas muscles

Stretching the inner thigh and lower back


Stretching the inner thigh and lower back

1. Sit as shown in picture No. 3: the right leg is straightened, the left leg is bent at the knee and the sole “looks” at the right thigh. This is the starting position.

2. As you exhale, gently bend along the line of your right leg until you feel a slight stretch in the lower back or hamstrings. Stay in this position for 10 — 15 seconds. When the feeling of stretching subsides, lean a little lower and stay in this position for another 10 to 15 seconds, then return to the starting position.

3. Perform the same stretch for the other leg.

It is important:

Do not tilt your head or round your shoulders, trying to reach your knee with your forehead — bend straight from the hip joint so that your back remains straight.

back stretching mistakes

Try to relax your shoulders and arms.

While stretching, make sure that the foot of the extended leg is in a vertical position.

Pay attention to the state of the muscles of the leg you are leaning towards — they must be in a relaxed state, otherwise the leg will bend at the knee and come off the floor.

hip stretching mistakes

Do not tilt the straightened leg outward, in this case, the effectiveness of the stretch will decrease.

Stretching movements should be slow and smooth, and most importantly, correlate with your feelings at the moment of stretching.

You may not be flexible enough to perform the exercise as described above. In this case, throw a towel over your foot, this will allow you to maintain balance during the exercise. The execution technique remains the same: first, light stretching for 10 — 15 seconds, then you bend even lower to feel muscle tension again and hold this position for another 10 — 15 seconds. Then return to the starting position and stretch the other leg.

groin stretch

Now it’s time to go back and consolidate the lesson — perform another groin stretch in a sitting position. You will probably experience some improvement compared to the first time, but don’t be discouraged if there are no positive changes. In stretching, the most important thing is not to rush and squeeze the maximum out of yourself, otherwise you risk injury. Be patient, stretch as you feel, and progress will not be long in coming.

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Author: Alexander Kuznetsov based on the book Stretching for Everyone by Bob and Jill Anderson

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