Shrugs on an incline bench


Shrugs on an incline bench, in addition to the traditional effect on the trapezium and muscles of the upper back, will help you get rid of stoop

Benefit exercises

Performing shrugs on a bench inclined at an angle of 45 degrees in its effect is not much different from the traditional version performed while standing, and loads the same muscle mass. The main difference lies in the greater load on the upper back. It is for this reason, and also because of the peculiarity of the movement of the shoulders at an angle, the exercise has one wonderful “side” effect — it allows you to get rid of stoop.

Shrug technique on an incline bench

As in the traditional version, you can use a pair of dumbbells or a barbell as a weight to perform shrugs on an incline bench. Let us consider in more detail the option performed with dumbbells.

Exercise technique:

1. Lie on your stomach on the back of a bench at an angle of about 45 degrees to the floor. Keep your head above the edge of the bench, this will relieve the load on the muscles of the cervical region and chin. With an overhand grip, pick up dumbbells from a special stand, and if they are not there, it will be better if your partner gives them to you. Rest your legs bent at the knees on the floor or a leg from the bench, this will relieve the load from the knee joints and lower back. Hold the weight on the arms hanging down, but do not stretch too much in the shoulder joints under the weight in the arms. This is the starting position.

2. Inhale as you shrug your shoulders and at the same time try to bring your shoulder blades together. Pause at the top and bring your shoulder blades together even more.

3. As you exhale, slowly lower the dumbbells to the starting position.

4. Perform the required number of repetitions.

It is important:

When doing shrugs on an incline bench, start with a light weight, this will allow you to learn the correct technique. And only doing the exercise perfectly, start gradually increasing the weight.

It is important to hold the dumbbells in fully extended arms, this minimizes the help of the biceps in lifting the weight.
Do not shrug your shoulders up and forward, as happens in classic shrugs, without bringing the shoulder blades together, the effect in the fight against stoop will be minimal.

Options exercises

  • Shrugs standing with dumbbells
  • Shrugi lying on a horizontal bench. This option allows you to work out the pectoral muscles, deltas and trapezium.

Working muscles

  • trapezius muscles
  • entire upper back
  • deltoid muscles
  • forearms

Alternative exercises

  • Shrugs with a barbell
  • Shrugs with a barbell behind your back

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