Rises on socks sitting


Seated calf raises are a great exercise for developing calf muscles.

Benefit exercises

In bodybuilding and fitness, this exercise, along with standing ups, is considered the main one for the full development of the calves. By lifting, you directly affect the calf and, especially, the soleus muscles, causing them to contract. This increases their mass and strength. In particular, due to the location of the soleus muscle (it is located under the gastrocnemius muscle, on the outside of the back of the lower leg), its development leads to a noticeable increase in calf volume.

Regular lifting on socks perfectly develops calf muscles, which cannot but affect the improvement of the athlete’s results in almost all cross-country sports and not only.

Seated calf raise technique

Correct execution technique:

1. Sit on the calf raise machine. Place your feet on the footrest so that your feet are parallel to each other and your heels hang loosely over the edge. Attach the rollers to the bottom of the quadriceps and straighten your back. This is the starting position.

2. Inhale, hold your breath and gently lift your heels as high as possible. At the top of the movement, pause and tighten your calf muscles, then, while inhaling, slowly lower yourself as low as possible to the starting position.

3. Having reached the bottom point of the movement, without pause, start lifting.

4. Perform the intended number of repetitions.

It is important:

The movement should be carried out according to the maximum amplitude, in addition to the maximum load on the muscles, this develops the elasticity of the ligaments and the flexibility of the ankle.

Be sure to pause at the top of the movement, thereby you maximize the load on the soleus muscle.

In this version of the lift, a large share of the load falls on the soleus muscle, and it is the hardiest muscle in the body, so you should keep in mind that only a large number of repetitions will allow you to beat it to failure.

By turning the foot, you can shift the emphasis of the load on different parts of the lower leg. So if you turn your socks inward, then the main load will go to the inner head of the calf muscle, this will allow you to increase the calves in volume when viewed from behind. And, conversely, if you turn the socks outward, then the emphasis of the load will shift to the lateral bundle of the soleus muscle, which will visually increase the volume of the calves, when viewed from the side.

To maintain a stable position during the exercise, keep your hands on the handles on the frame of the simulator, and if there are none, then on the edges of the seat.

Working muscles

  • calf muscles
  • soleus muscles

Alternative exercises

  • Standing calf raises

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