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The Raider deadlift is not a strength exercise, but a stretching exercise, and yet its help in the context of bodybuilding is invaluable. Why? Read the article

Benefit exercises

The Raider row is a stretching exercise that was invented by Piri Raider to increase the volume of the chest. This exercise will be especially effective at a young age, when the body is still being formed, but it will also be useful for athletes over 25-30 years old to perform it, of course, the effect will be less significant, but it will still be.

The benefits of increasing the volume of the chest by 1-2 centimeters in bodybuilding, where there is a war for every millimeter of the measuring tape, will be very great. But these centimeters, thanks to the performance of the Raider thrust, are absolutely real.

Execution technique exercises

The Raider deadlift is a difficult exercise to perform, in which, in addition to technique, it is very important to trust your feelings, since they will help you find the best option for achieving the maximum effect from the exercise.

Correct exercise technique:

1. Stand near a vertical bar of a horizontal bar, a simulator, or even a door jamb, at arm’s length, place your feet hip-width apart, and with straightened arms, grab a support at a height just above your head.

2. Take a deep breath and, holding your breath, pull your arms down and towards you. Do not strain the abdominal muscles — they must be in a relaxed state, otherwise you level the effectiveness of the exercise.

3. The duration of one thrust should be an average of 4-6 seconds. After this period, exhale and do one more repetition.

It is important:

The main criterion for the correct execution is a feeling of a slight feeling of discomfort in the chest area.

Performing the Raider deadlift after heavy exercises that make you breathe faster will increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

You can bend your arms a little at the elbows while doing the Raider thrust, if it is convenient for you. You can also experiment with the placement of the legs: distances from the support and each other.

When you master the execution technique, add one more element to the exercise — at the moment of holding your breath and pulling with your hands, tighten your neck muscles and tilt your head back — this will allow you to stretch and raise your chest even more.

The Raider deadlift is not a strength exercise, so the recovery period of the body is not long, which means you can perform it more often, relying on your feelings.

Alternative exercises

  • «Breathable» pullovers

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