Pullovers with dumbbells lying down


Dumbbell pullovers, according to many experts, are a great exercise to end your chest or back workout.

Benefit exercises

Pullovers with a dumbbell in hand are performed lying on a bench. This exercise, especially at a young age, allows you to increase the volume of the chest, due to the stretching of the intercostal cartilage and muscles. To be completely accurate, this version of pullovers has a direct effect on the serratus muscle, and therefore on the shape of the chest. In addition, when lifting weights, the latissimus dorsi, triceps and abdominal muscles are stretched. It is thanks to this effect of pullovers that they are recommended to be performed at the end of a chest or back workout.

Technique for performing pullovers with dumbbells

1. Lie across the bench with your upper back, with your neck and head hanging over the edge, and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Take the dumbbell with your arms almost straight at the elbows, so that the palms are pressed against the inside of the upper disk and “look” at the ceiling. This is the starting position.

2. On a deep breath, holding the dumbbell with both palms, in a wide arc, gently lower the weight as low as possible behind the head, feeling how the muscles and chest are stretched. To enhance the stretch, you can slightly lower the pelvis to the floor.

3. From the bottom point, holding your breath, just as smoothly raise the dumbbell to its original position. Exhale on the last stretch of the upward movement.

4. After a minimal pause, perform the next rep.

It is important:

The lowest point of the movement is the moment when the shoulders form an almost straight line with the body, and the triceps are at the level of the face.

Do not bend your elbows, otherwise the emphasis of the load will go to the triceps.

Breathe properly: do not exhale at the beginning of a weight lift, otherwise you will reduce the effectiveness of the intercostal muscles and destabilize the chest.

Due to the nature of the exercise, people with heart conditions should not do this exercise.

Working muscles

  • serratus muscles
  • pectoral muscles
  • latissimus dorsi muscles
  • triceps
  • press

Alternative exercises

  • Pullovers in the simulator

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