Pullovers in the simulator


Pullovers that develop the latissimus and pectoral muscles are among the few exercises where working on a simulator is preferable to working with free weights.

Benefit exercises

Pullovers, depending on the execution technique, are divided into two main types according to their effect: pullovers that affect the muscles and the so-called respiratory pullovers, the main purpose of which is to expand the chest.

As for pullovers performed in a special simulator, their benefit lies in the development of the lower part of the lateral muscles (the latissimus dorsi), the serratus pectoralis muscle, and in addition, pullovers stretch the pectoral muscles, load the triceps and upper abdominal muscles. And work in a special simulator, in comparison with work with a barbell or dumbbells, reduces the “help” of other muscles of the body and, accordingly, increases the payload on the “target”.

On the other hand, working with a barbell or dumbbell to a greater extent than the machine will allow you, albeit not as effectively, to replace the implementation of breathing pullovers to expand the chest.

Technique for performing pullovers in the simulator

1. Sit on the machine, buckle up, press your back firmly against the seat of the machine and grab the overhead bar.

2. As you exhale, pull the bar down until it touches your chest. After a short pause, inhale and gently lift the bar up.

It is important:

It is necessary to find such a position in the simulator that during the exercise you do not experience the slightest discomfort in the joints.

Also, you do not need to perform the movement in the maximum possible amplitude, as this is fraught with injury to the shoulder joints.

Correct technique in this exercise is the key to its effective impact, so do not rush to increase the working weights until you perform the movement perfectly.

Working muscles

  • serratus muscles
  • pectoral muscles
  • latissimus dorsi muscles
  • triceps
  • press

Alternative exercises

  • Pullovers with a barbell. Influencing in a similar way, this exercise is inferior in the final result due to the worse «technicality» of the movement.
  • Pullovers with dumbbells

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