Nail extension using glue-powder technology


Nail extension using glue-powder technology is a great way to get a beautiful manicure for those who do not have time for long procedures.

There are many ways to become the owner of beautiful long nails. Modern beauty salons offer a huge list of nail extension services in various ways — acrylic, gel, fabric. However, unfortunately for the eternally busy ladies, these procedures take too much time and it is not always possible to carve out a few hours for the salon. If you belong to this category of people, and an extra hour of time is a luxury for you, and the dream of a beautiful manicure does not leave you, you should learn more about a new service — nail extension using glue-powder technology.

What it is?

The glue-powder extension procedure is an ideal way to get beautiful nails relatively quickly. This type of extension is also called the “tvel method”. This name was given to the method in Israel, where it is most popular. In Hebrew, «tvel» or «tavel» means «to dip». Actually, this word is the basis of the whole method. After all, the glue-powder technology involves applying special glue to the tips, and then dipping (or sprinkling) the nail into a special powder. This action is repeated several times and this is how the nail is formed.

This method of nail extension takes almost 2 times less time than extension by other methods (up to an hour), however, the service life of such nails is also short — they can hardly be attributed to the most durable artificial nails. Glue-powder technology is ideal for those who want to build up nails for a short time, but quickly and beautifully. Often, glue-powder extensions are used before important events, for fashion shows or for painting.

For a long time, nails extended using this technology were called “porcelain”, because the powder used for the procedure was milky white and the nails turned out to be matte, similar to porcelain. However, in modern cosmetology, they are actively beginning to use transparent powders, which make it possible to give the nail a more natural look.

Nail extension procedure using glue-powder technology

Nail extension using glue-powder technology usually consists of three main stages. The whole procedure takes about an hour (time varies depending on the complexity of the final painting).

Nail extension using glue-powder technology

Stage 1.

At the first stage of the procedure, the master prepares the nail and fixes the tips (artificial nail) on it. It should be noted that the glue-powder technology always implies the mandatory use of tips and is not performed on natural nails.

Stage 2.

The second stage of the procedure consists in applying special glue to the tips and dipping (sprinkling) the nail into the powder. This action is repeated several times until the nail becomes sufficiently dense. After that, an activator is applied to the surface, which fixes the layers of powder and makes the nail smooth.

Stage 3.

At the third stage, the master carefully corrects the shape of the nail, cuts off the excess and proceeds to the “decoration”. Usually, painting is applied to the nails, although it is quite possible to get by with a beautiful coating. Everything depends on the wishes of the client.

Advantages of the procedure

Nail extension using glue-powder technology has a number of advantages that become decisive factors when choosing this particular method of nail extension among many clients. The main ones are:

  • The procedure is carried out quite quickly compared to other methods of building
  • The shape of the nail is formed immediately during the procedure, which does not require a cardinal correction at the final stages (the master covers the necessary areas with glue and the powder sticks exactly where it is needed)
  • Thanks to the use of tips, the shape and relief of your own nail are easily and quickly corrected.

Flaws procedures

Unfortunately, nail extension using glue-powder technology has a rather large list of disadvantages. The main ones include:

  • Nails extended using this technology quickly lose their appearance, crack and shrink
  • When using classic powders (with the exception of transparent ones), the nails look unnatural and require constant coating
  • During the procedure, a large consumption of materials occurs, as part of the powder crumbles (this drawback is relevant if you pay for the materials yourself)
  • The technology involves the mandatory use of tips
  • Powders can cause an allergic reaction

However, despite these shortcomings, the glue-powder technology is perfect for those who want to show off a beautiful manicure once and not spend a lot of time on the procedure.

Let your nails be beautiful!

Author: Natalia Kay

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