Modeling the shape of the eyebrows


Modeling a beautiful eyebrow shape is not an easy task. However, using some simple rules, you will cope with this task with a bang.

The shape of the eyebrows can change not only the facial expression, but also the overall impression that your image makes on others. Therefore, before taking on tweezers, think about what result you want to get.

Eyebrow shape and facial expression

Of course, when choosing the shape of the eyebrows, you should first of all be guided by your personal wishes and preferences. But still, cosmetologists advise before the procedure to analyze how exactly this or that eyebrow bend can change the expression of your face.

Smooth rounded eyebrows

This form is considered universal and visually practically does not change the facial expression. It suits the greatest number of different types of faces, but such eyebrows will be especially preferred by those who do not want to take risks and experiment, and prefer the classics. Thanks to this shape of the eyebrows, you can open the eyelid and visually rejuvenate the face a little.

Triangular eyebrows or eyebrows «house»

Be careful with this brow shape. After all, it suits very rare people. This choice is ideal for those whose eyelid musculature suggests an elevated corner of the eyebrow in the center. Only in this case, the shape of the eyebrows will harmoniously fit into the general non-verbal face. Otherwise, by creating such eyebrows artificially, you risk giving your face an eternally surprised expression.

Arched rounded eyebrows

Eyebrows resembling a beautiful semicircle are lost on a face with soft features and vice versa, soften a face with pronounced sharp features. If you opt for this form, do not pluck your eyebrows too much. Otherwise, you will create the image of a lady of the 60s of the Soviet Union.

Eyebrows with a «kink»

This form of eyebrows is not given to many. But even if by nature you have it different, we advise you to fight a little to give your eyebrows a beautiful “kink”. After all, this form is considered the most profitable and fashionable, but most importantly natural. Thanks to it, you can significantly rejuvenate the face and give expressiveness to the eyes. In addition, brows with a «kink» will help to balance the face with almost any imbalance, provided that they are not over-plucked.

straight eyebrows

This eyebrow shape is ideal for people with narrow faces. Thanks to it, you can not only visually expand the face, but also balance a heavy chin or a large nose. But in the process of modeling straight eyebrows, carefully look in the mirror, because if you do not pinch your eyebrow a little and it turns out to be too wide, then others will have the feeling that you are gloomy and look at the world frowningly.

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Eyebrow direction and facial expression

Where the outer corners of your eyebrows are pointing also has a significant effect on facial expression. So why look in the mirror and decide if you are happy with what you see or do you still want to change your mood a little?

If the outer corners of the eyebrows look up

This direction of the eyebrows is more suitable for women than men, as it gives the face a slightly mischievous expression and slight surprise, which makes the look a little naive, but very gentle. At the same time, this shape of the eyebrows rejuvenates its owner, and visually lengthens the face.

If the outer corners of the eyebrows look down

Such eyebrows are quite rare. They also visually lengthen the face, but at the same time create a sad and tired expression.

If the base of the eyebrow and the outer corner are on the same line

This direction is suitable for people who should give the impression of a serious and trusting. The even shape of the eyebrows gives the face a balanced expression, thoughtfulness and intelligence. Also, this direction of the eyebrows will help visually expand a too narrow face.

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Your ideal brow shape

Whatever the basic shape of the eyebrows you choose for yourself, you should still first of all determine what suits you. Cosmetologists have long developed the rule of «three straight lines» so that you can find out which shape of the eyebrows is right for your face type.

The essence of this theory is that before starting the eyebrow modeling procedure, it is worth taking a pencil, knitting needle or other thin straight object and, applying it to certain points on the face, figuratively draw three straight lines.

The first straight line (marked in green in the figure) should connect the points at the wing of the nose and at the inner corner of the eye. Now look a little higher and you will understand exactly where your eyebrow should begin. So you determine the distance between the eyebrows.

The second line (marked in blue in the figure) connects the points at the wing of the nose and the pupil (provided that at this moment you are looking straight ahead). After drawing this line, you will understand in which part of the eyebrow it is worth modeling the highest point.

The third line (indicated in orange in the figure) should connect the points at the wing of the nose and at the outer corner of the eye. It is on this line that your eyebrow should ideally end.

eyebrow shape

Individual characteristics

Whatever shape of eyebrows you dream of, first you should try it on your face and evaluate how it suits you. So, for example, eyebrows plucked with a “thread” are completely unsuitable for people with large facial features. While small facial features are «lost» under the weight of wide and thick eyebrows.

And when you finally decide on the shape, do not forget that there are other important indicators of well-groomed eyebrows. Among them:

  • Eyebrow color and thickness
  • Hair length
  • Empty (hairless) areas, etc.

So, for example, if you are the owner of blond hair, you should not dye your eyebrows in a dark color. Thus, you will not achieve expressiveness, but only an absurd inconsistency. This rule also works vice versa — dark-haired people need to take care of the appropriate color of the eyebrows so that they do not get lost in contrast with the hair on their heads.

Also, do not ignore the tools and tools that will help make your eyebrow shape perfect. Fill in the gaps with a pencil that is a shade darker than the color of the eyebrows and use scissors regularly to trim the length of the hairs if your eyebrows are too thick.

Let your face please you!

Author: Natalia Kay

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