Mimic exercises for the chin


Double chin is a frequent and unexpected «guest» on our face. And a simple set of facial exercises will help to avoid its appearance.

Exercise 1

Regular performance of this exercise will literally transform your face: the oval of the face will become clearer, the double chin will go away, and the cheeks will rise.


1. Open your mouth and place inside, behind the lower jaw, index and middle fingers of one hand. You can put a sanitary napkin under your fingers.

2. Close your mouth and at the same time counteract it with the force of your fingers, pulling the lower jaw down and forward.

Execution time: 15-20 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 2 times for each hand.

It is important:

For the exercise to be effective, the pressure of the fingers must almost balance the work of the facial muscles, and as a result, the mouth must close very slowly. When after a while the “target” muscles get stronger, help yourself with the other hand.

The fingers should not pull on the teeth.

Exercise 2

Mimic exercises for the chin

This exercise allows you to significantly reduce the double chin, making its muscles more elastic.


Close your eyes and relax your facial muscles. Now place your thumbs on your chin parallel to each other so that your palms are on top of each other.

Tighten the muscles of the lower jaw, and at the same time press on the tense muscle with your thumbs, this will increase the effectiveness of muscle tension.

Execution time: 60 seconds.

It is important:

The pressure of the fingers should only balance the tension of the muscles of the chin.

When performing the exercise, it is important to relax the muscles of the face, otherwise unwanted tension appears in other muscles, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

Exercise 3

This exercise gives the face a clear oval, removes the double chin, strengthens the muscles of the neck and upper chest (tightens the bust).


Place your palms on top of each other so that the top of one palm rests on your chin.

Try to open your mouth as wide as possible while counteracting this movement with the pressure of your palms on your chin.

Execution time: 20 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 3 times.

It is important:

The pressure of the palms should be such that the mouth can open completely, but the downward movement of the chin should be emphasized slow.

Do not place the palms too close to the neck, as they interfere with the exercise.

General recommendations

These exercises will be truly effective if the cause of the second chin is not overweight. Otherwise, you must first lose weight and only then proceed to perform special exercises.

These exercises must be performed daily until the desired results are achieved. Then the frequency of their implementation can be reduced, but at least 2-3 times a week.

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