Mimic exercises for sunken cheeks


The problem of sunken cheeks, regardless of the causes (weight loss or genetics), can be overcome with a simple set of facial exercises

Exercise 1 (relaxation)

This exercise is very individual, so before you start doing it, you need to carefully examine your face and highlight the places where wrinkles are most visible.


You need to turn off the light and lie on your back, so that you are comfortable.

  • take 2-3 slow and deep breaths
  • focus on the forehead, try to imagine its image in your thoughts
  • when you succeed, imagine a wet sponge, which, slowly moving along the surface of the forehead, erases wrinkles and bumps, lingers on the temples, eyebrows and the middle of the forehead
  • imagine that all wrinkles and all muscle tension disappeared from the forehead
  • the sponge continues to slowly swirl around the eyes: smoothes the skin, erases wrinkles, the eyelids become smooth
  • the sponge goes down and erases wrinkles along the nasolabial fold, moves around the mouth
  • you feel how the jaws and muscles around the mouth relax, the lips are not tense and seem to swell
  • the face is completely calm
  • shoulders relaxed
  • the whole body is limp and feels heavy.

Mimic exercises for sunken cheeks

It is important:

This exercise helps to reduce wrinkles in all areas of the face, but its effectiveness depends on the surrounding conditions and your ability to relax as much as possible.

Exercise 2

This exercise, if performed regularly, gives the face a clearer oval shape, lifts the cheeks and helps to reduce the double chin.


1. Open your mouth and place inside, behind the lower jaw, index and middle fingers of one hand. You can put a sanitary napkin under your fingers.

2. Close your mouth and at the same time counteract it with the force of your fingers, pulling the lower jaw down and forward.

Execution time: 15-20 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 2 times for each hand.

It is important:

For the exercise to be effective, the pressure of the fingers must almost balance the work of the facial muscles, and as a result, the mouth must close very slowly. When after a while the “target” muscles get stronger, help yourself with the other hand.

The fingers should not pull on the teeth.

Exercise 3

This exercise helps to smooth wrinkles on the upper lip, tones the circular muscle of the mouth, making the lips fuller and more elastic. And besides, it smoothes the nasolabial fold.


Open your mouth and put two fingers from each hand into it.

Close your eyes and try to round your lips, as you do when pronouncing the letter «O», while preventing this movement with the pressure of your fingers.

Execution time: 60 seconds.

It is important:

When performing the exercise, you should relax the muscles of the face and the whole body as much as possible, this will make the exercise more effective.

It is important that during the exercise you feel the tension of the lips all the time. Therefore, pay attention that the resistance of the fingers is constant throughout the exercise. And if the pressure of the fingers decreases, you will understand this by the appearance of wrinkles above the upper lip.

If the tension is not concentrated on the upper lip, then you will feel painful tension on the sides of both lips or in the chin area.

General recommendations for getting rid of sunken cheeks

These exercises must be performed daily until the desired results are achieved. Then the frequency of execution can be reduced, but at least 1-2 times a week.

In addition, you should pay attention to sleep (sleep at least 7-8 hours a day) and avoid sudden jumps in weight (weight loss).

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