Menu for the perfect chin


A full face visually adds a couple of kilograms and the presence of a double chin plays an important role in this.

Of course, there is no such diet that would only affect the face, but with the help of some tricks, you can ensure that the process of losing weight begins with the face.

The advantages of this approach are not only that the skin will look cleaner and healthier, but also that you will notice the results in a couple of days, and this will be a great incentive to continue the fight against excess weight.

First, remember to drink at least two liters of fluid a day. With low fluid intake, the body tries to “save” water by retaining it, and this leads to edema. With sufficient water intake, the body does not make sense to make reserves and the liquid easily leaves it. It is best to drink non-carbonated mineral water and green tea.

Do not neglect vegetables and fruits! By the way, they also contain a lot of liquid, and besides this, they are also rich in fiber. If you snack between meals, have your snacks include apples and oranges, not cookies and chips. If you’re worried about fruits being high in sugar, then be honest with yourself — cookies contain even more, and you’re unlikely to ever gain weight from apples and oranges.

Try to avoid or limit alcohol consumption as much as possible. Whether it’s wine or beer — any strong drink leads to dehydration, which in turn provokes the appearance of edema. Also, remember that alcohol is high in calories.

Try to eat more calcium-rich foods. In order to speed up the process of losing weight, it is necessary to ensure the intake of at least 1.2 mg of calcium daily. How much calcium is found in three glasses of milk or 800 cottage cheese. In addition, a large amount of calcium is found in fish: sardines or salmon.

Make it a rule to eliminate 250 calories from your diet every day and burn another 250 through physical activity. You can get rid of 250 calories by taking a half-hour walk or doing 20-minute gymnastics. And you can remove 250 calories from the daily diet by refusing desserts or replacing them with frozen yogurt and dried fruits.

Watch how much salt you consume. Salt increases the risk of edema. By the way, soy sauce, which is considered a more useful salt substitute, causes no less swelling. Most salt is found in semi-finished products, canned food, chips, raw smoked snacks and oriental dishes.

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