Is the rear bundle of deltas lagging behind in development? Stuart McRobert, famous bodybuilding guru, gives advice: do L-breeds

Benefit exercises

In bodybuilding, there are so-called «difficult» muscles to pump. Usually these include caviar, as well as the rear bundle of deltas. You can do a lot of delt exercises, have well-developed anterior and middle beams, but still not find an approach to the posterior deltoid. But this is fraught with consequences, including not only a visually ugly developmental imbalance, but, more importantly, a potential shoulder injury due to an excessive imbalance between the weaker muscles, the so-called shoulder-outward rotators, and the stronger ones, which rotate the shoulders inward. .

Regular L-breeding will prevent the appearance of such an imbalance in development and will pump up the rear bundle of deltas. At the same time, you should not rush to extremes and perform this exercise at every workout. It will be enough for you to include 2-3 sets of this exercise in your program at the end of your back or shoulder workout.

Technique for performing L-dilutions

1. Stand next to an incline bench with the top of the seat at chest level. Take the weight in your left hand, put it with your triceps on the edge of the seat and put your right hand under it so that the triceps lies on the outside of the hand, and the hand itself with weights looks at the ceiling. Most of all, this pose resembles a sketch from school, where an exemplary student raises his hand to answer. This is the starting position.

2. While inhaling, gently lower the weight slightly below the level where the forearm is parallel to the floor. At the bottom of the movement, the forearm will be on the other side of the back of the bench.

3. After a pause, while exhaling, gently lift the weight to its original position.

4. After completing the required number of repetitions, do a set for the right hand.

It is important:

Do not try to take a lot of weight and work to failure: the main thing in this exercise is the execution technique.

As weights, you can take a light dumbbell or a small pancake.

When performing the exercise, do not swing the body and do not change the position of the elbows.

Working muscles

  • posterior bundle of deltas
  • muscles that rotate the shoulders outward (subcrestal and small round muscles)

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