Israeli cosmetics that really work


It just work! It is under such a bright motto «It really works!» In 1982, the Israeli cosmetics Christina appeared on the market of cosmetic products, based on the healing components of the Dead Sea.

Cosmetics with a feminine character

The idea of ​​​​creating a completely new product belongs to the beautician Christine Zehavi. As a practitioner, she was convinced of the need for cosmetics with a therapeutic effect, which would not have negative consequences for the skin. Professional experience and a great desire to make a truly effective product available to every woman led to the organization of a small family business producing cosmetics.

Today, production has become a modern complex. It includes research laboratories, a factory with high-tech equipment, and a developed network of international distributors. The company produces 20,000 items daily. Its range includes more than 300 items, which are fully represented by the Christina online cosmetics store in its catalog. The company is especially proud of its experienced staff, represented by scientists and marketers, cosmetologists and economists.

«Christina» is submissive to all ages

All those who have already experienced the wonderful properties of creams, scrubs, lotions, claim that these cosmetics are really created by a woman. After all, only a woman can subtly feel, understand and know what a woman’s skin needs at any age. Therefore, young girls who have certain aesthetic skin problems like cosmetics. She is loved by ladies of the older generation who take care of their beauty, acquiring funds to combat age-related changes. Anti-stress cosmetics Kristina, which you can buy in a specialized online store, helps the skin to quickly cope with fatigue, making it healthy and attractive.

The main concept of the production of any Christina cosmetic line is a single complex of drugs, each of which is responsible for a specific therapeutic effect. Therefore, by purchasing several products of the same series, you get not just beautiful jars with promising results, but effective and complete care for your skin.

Such a balanced approach was highly appreciated by professional cosmetologists. They not only widely use this cosmetics in their activities, but also recommend it to customers for constant daily use at home.

Cosmetics Christina: only natural ingredients

The healing properties of the Dead Sea have been successfully used in dermatology for many years. However, without a competent scientific approach, they would have become unique cosmetic products that Christina represents.

Constant research carried out by the company’s scientists is the result of innovative products in cosmetology. They fully meet the requirements of modern women for cosmetics, allowing the skin to look well-groomed and healthy.

Cosmetics are distinguished by their natural composition, due to which the products have a therapeutic effect. Each product that comes off the assembly line is carefully analyzed and tested. Strict control accompanies production at all its stages. The quality of products and their safety are confirmed by relevant certificates and conclusions.

Kristina Zehavi knows how individual and unique every woman is, therefore the product collection is a diverse offer of cosmetic preparations for every skin type. Innovative developments make it possible to find the causes of the disease and create an effective way to eliminate them with the help of cosmetics. «Christina» does not smooth out external skin defects, it solves problems from the inside, giving youth to every cell, filling it with strength and energy.

Kristina cosmetics will change your idea of ​​aesthetic cosmetology once and for all, turning daily skin care into an effective way to look attractive and charming at any age without any extra effort.


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