Israeli cosmetics Christina — the leader in the cosmetics market


Probably every young lady heard about cosmetics under the most feminine name «Christina». And about half a century ago, there would hardly have been such a girl or woman in Tel Aviv who would not have heard about the extraordinary talent of a cosmetologist named Christina Zehavi. Christina was famous for the fact that for each of her procedures she personally prepared cosmetics: creams, tonics and lotions. There was a queue for an appointment with Christina, and her homemade cosmetics were legendary. And until now, the production of cosmetics according to her recipes continues, and, I must say, Christina’s cosmetics are a huge success not only in Europe, but also far beyond its borders. It’s not just a success, it’s an incredible success! There are legends about professional Israeli cosmetics Christina today, and tubes and jars with such a logo can be found in almost every beauty parlor. Professional cosmetics Kristina is cosmetics, which, although it is professional, has already become available to absolutely everyone, and every woman can freely use it without having any special skills. Today, many women began to understand the difference between professional cosmetics and mass consumption cosmetics, and often choose the first one. The fact is that the cosmetics of the masses — the market is focused not on the result, but on the maximum number of sales. Therefore, as a rule, manufacturers of such cosmetics are more focused on creative advertising, a beautiful slogan, bright packaging, but not on the composition of a particular cosmetic product. If you pay attention to Kristina cosmetics, you will see that the tubes and jars of this brand are unpretentiously white with a small inscription of the brand name. Israeli cosmetics Kristina does not need bright advertising, because she relies on the composition and effectiveness, and sooner or later such cosmetics will find their buyer.

Our online cosmetics store Christina offers you a huge selection of cosmetics for a wide variety of purposes. Here you can buy Christina cosmetics at reasonable prices, in conditions of convenient payment and delivery. Here is a huge catalog of Christina cosmetics, where you can find products for professional use in cosmetology clinics, and products for home use, basic skin care of a certain type. Here are reviews of Christina cosmetics, which will once again talk about its effectiveness and ease of use.

It must be said that Kristina’s cosmetics made in Israel are the cosmetics of a modern girl. Natural ingredients, the use of Dead Sea salts along with preservatives and fragrances — that’s what modern cosmetics need. Nature itself takes care of the health of your skin, and this is good news. Our online cosmetics store Kristina, as mentioned above, is ready to offer you the widest range of cosmetics of this brand for both professional and home use. Buying Kristina cosmetics means joining the endless number of women who have already found “their” cosmetics, cosmetics that would suit their skin type one hundred percent. Such cosmetics exist, and it was created about half a century ago by the most talented cosmetologist — Christina Zehavi. A woman who created cosmetics that every woman would dream of. A woman who knows exactly what a modern woman needs.


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