Honey massage


The most delicious way to lose weight, and at the same time enjoy the massage

Honey is also very useful for external use, namely massage, which improves blood circulation in the deep layers of the skin and underlying muscles, improving the nutrition of internal organs and tissues.

Honey has extensive medicinal properties and also contains a mixture of fructose and glucose, which is easily digested and is a source of energy. This complex biological product contains a complex of valuable biochemical substances necessary for a person to live, maintain health and increase the duration of an active life.

In the process of massage, honey, giving off biologically active substances, adsorbs toxins and promotes their rapid removal from the body. This massage is performed to increase lymph flow and cleanse the skin. After its implementation, subcutaneous seals are smoothed out, the skin becomes silky and elastic, cellulite disappears, salt deposits are prevented, and metabolism improves.

According to experts, honey massage is very effective as a method of treatment and prevention of mental and physical fatigue, sleep disorders, headaches, arthrosis, sciatica, sciatica, osteochondrosis, myositis, psychosomatic diseases, vegetative-vascular dystonia, disorders of the internal organs, colds, cough, as well as to increase immunity and reduce swelling.

Before the procedure, the patient is warmed up in a capsule so that the pores are completely opened and the skin absorbs all the beneficial substances. After that, the massage therapist applies flower, lime or buckwheat honey on the palm of his hand and begins to rub it with gentle pressure movements. When the honey is completely transferred to the body, the palms are gently “glued” to it and then gently removed from the skin, as if drawing out the dirt. After each session, the volume of the body, as experts assure, decreases by two to three centimeters, after a full course the body becomes healthy and toned, and cellulite simply disappears.

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