Healthy Choices: Myths in Cosmetics Advertising


The following data is intended to debunk the myths of advertising about the miraculous effect of cosmetics on your health.

So what are the manufacturers hiding?

In practice, expensive cosmetics turn out to be no better than cheap analogues — the brands are different, the composition is the same.

Natural doesn’t always mean best. Some natural ingredients can be harmful, while their chemical substitutes are completely neutral.

Cosmetics do not protect against the environment. Harmful elements penetrate the skin and further into the body.

Using one brand does not make sense, since 99% of the material comes, if not from one «barrel», then really from four (Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson).

Sales consultants live by advertising and sales; their advice is worthless.

Anti-cellulite cosmetics do not work. Science has not yet come up with a means of cosmetic fight against cellulite.

Science has not come up with a means of cosmetic anti-aging. All creams and serums are scams. The only advice is to sunbathe less. (By the way: sunscreen to protect against skin cancer and wrinkle formation must contain titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or avobenzone; otherwise, it is useless.)

Almost everything that is written in advertising is a lie. Since the indicators of regulations are confusing and contradictory, and the languages ​​of the world are rich in shades and tricks, anything is written to increase sales.

By the way…long lasting lipstick

The more expensive the lipstick, the more dangerous it is for health. The U.S. Consumer Affairs Administration has tested samples of lipsticks from 33 manufacturers. It turned out that 61% of popular lipsticks contain an excess amount of lead. At the same time, an interesting pattern was revealed: the cheaper cosmetics, the less lead it contains. Lead has a harmful effect on the nervous system, reduces mental activity and causes memory problems. This substance is extremely dangerous for pregnant women — lead can provoke a miscarriage. Sometimes it even causes infertility.

Buying Tips

  • Since there are no legal criteria for defining the word «natural», it is written wherever there is space on the packaging. Pay no attention to this word.
  • The less noisy the packaging, the more confidence it inspires us. The presence of metal in the packaging makes us suspicious.
  • We study the inscriptions on the label. The certificate is indicated, there is a complete list of components, the original into Russian translation is the same.
  • We are not embarrassed by the fact that the liquid has stratified (before we shook it). This may mean the absence of harmful chemical emulsifiers.
  • The purchased product does not foam as if by magic, but this does not upset us either: the less foaming chemicals, the better.
  • We are quite satisfied with a white or colorless mass, in which there are no dyes.
  • We do not buy perfumes and do not expect a subtle fragrance from cosmetics.
  • If, when a substance gets into the eyes, discomfort is easily washed off with water, we are glad that our product contains a natural extract.

Healthy choice: cosmetics

Healthy choice: composition of cosmetics

Source: «The product is dangerous! What not to buy and why, Vitaly and Inna Morozov

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