Healthy choice: home electronics. Part 3


An indispensable microwave oven in the household, if we evaluate its impact on health, is the first kitchen appliance in terms of harmfulness


Back in the 80s, studies by Soviet and foreign scientists proved the undoubted harm of microwaves. Here is not a complete list of «bonuses» from this familiar and very convenient device in many apartments.

  • Destruction of the nutritional value of any food.
  • Decreased biological capacity to absorb and assimilate nutrients.
  • Loss of about 90% of vital energy in all tested products.
  • Explicit acceleration of deterioration of the structure of all food.
  • Rapid souring of food.
  • Reducing the shelf life of food treated with a microwave field.
  • The result of direct exposure to radiation is cancer — both directly from leakage of radiation, and indirectly — through the consumption of food exposed to microwave radiation.

How it works

Under the influence of high-frequency current, a change in the polarity of the substance occurs (2.5 billion per second), which causes the heat of friction.

The problem is that such abnormal heat makes unnatural and destroys food. nutrients are deformed into unnatural forms.

Our immune system reacts to the tainted molecular structure as it would to a toxin. Changes in the blood resemble changes at the beginning of the cancer process.

The causes of cancer are still beyond the understanding of scientists. Once the cause is found, the cure will be found. In the meantime, you should not joke with all this and risk your life for the sake of fashion and far-fetched comfort.

Briefly about interesting

One American housewife washed her beloved cat and put it in the microwave to dry. She died instantly. The furious housewife sued the firm and won a million-dollar lawsuit.

During the war in Yugoslavia, residents of Belgrade shot down American cruise missiles with household microwave ovens. When an air raid signal was given, they quickly took out a microwave oven with an extension cable to the balconies, opened it, squeezed out the locking terminal with their finger and directed the microwave at the cruise missile. Failure in the electronics of the rocket — and she fell!

Energy-saving lamps

And a century has not passed, as Ilyich’s light bulb was replaced by more economical fluorescent ones. In such a light bulb, it is not the fire of a red-hot iron thread that glows, but gas. They consume much less electricity and last much longer.

There is not much data for conclusions yet, but something alarming has already leaked.impact of energy-saving lamps on health

According to the British Association of Dermatologists, light bulbs of the new generation may primarily affect people with increased skin sensitivity, since fluorescent sources emit more intense light than conventional ones. According to scientists, the use of energy-saving lamps can aggravate already existing skin diseases in humans and lead to skin cancer, as well as cause migraines and dizziness in people with epilepsy.

All over the world, a policy of forcible introduction of ESL is being carried out — in the manner of Peter’s reforms. So, for example, according to the energy-saving program proposed by the British government, by 2011 it is planned to completely stop the use of conventional incandescent lamps.

Approximately the same is said in our government. Recently, our friend changed all the light bulbs in the apartment to fluorescent. He works from home, and a sea of ​​cheap electric light brightened up the almost round-the-clock December darkness outside the window. However, the very next day he noted in himself an unnaturally increased drowsiness, instant fatigue and a complete unwillingness to work. Having tormented himself like this for two weeks, when his head began to hurt, our friend screwed back all the incandescent lamps — and on the same day he again felt alert and full of energy.

Since then, we ourselves have installed these cost-effective lamps only in places of temporary use. That is — in any, with the exception of the workplace and living rooms. At the same time, we take into account the fact that another friend of ours has been living and working under the light of energy-saving lamps for a year and is happy. Obviously, the effect of these lamps on a person is strictly selective. Or maybe the consequences can be blurred, hidden or just distant. In any case, until the phenomenon is sufficiently studied, we refrain from making any recommendations whatsoever.

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Source: «The product is dangerous! What not to buy and why, Vitaly and Inna Morozov

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