Healthy choice: home electronics. Part 2


The mobile phone has become indispensable in just ten years, but the question of its impact on our health is still open …

Mobile phone

The first mobile phones appeared in the early 80s, weighed half a kilo and cost $4,000. The presence of such an “accessory” was prestigious, like an expensive suit, and the convenience of “solving issues” quickly and on the go was worth that kind of money.

Today, little multi-colored telephones are so popular and cheap that they are bought for children for the sole purpose of keeping them under control on an invisible leash. And everyone is happy.
But the disputes around the properties of this very invisible leash, thanks to which the wireless miracle of communication and remote control is performed, do not stop, there is no single and final opinion on this matter.

Of course, it is easier for a business of this magnitude to find arguments in favor of its profits. But the splinter-skeptic, an independent expert, is also on the alert. And our life experience for some reason tells us that the opinion of a skeptic is more interesting for us in this case.

Swedish scientists have found that the frequency of developing an auditory nerve tumor in those who use mobile phones for 10 years is twice as high as in those who do not use the phone.

In 2005, the results of another study were published, where a group of scientists led by Dr. Stuart Porter from the Department of Electronics at the University of York proved that the handsfree device cuts dangerous radiation from mobile phones by half. A similar study in 2001 showed exactly the opposite.

Finnish researchers identified a group of patients with a specific tumor of the nervous system — glioma. It turned out that in patients who used a mobile tube for a long time, the tumor formed precisely in the part of the head to which the phone was applied.

Israeli scientists led by Professor Roni Seger found that non-thermal radiation from a mobile phone provokes the release of extracellular regulated kinase (ERK1 / 2) — a natural substance that stimulates cell division and growth. During the experiments, electromagnetic radiation was used, which is similar in frequency range to mobile phone radiation, but ten times weaker.

In 2007, a six-year study ended in the UK, which announced that there were no significant differences in the incidence of various tumors in «mobile» and «non-mobile» citizens.

However, Professor Laurie Challis, who led the research, explained that the result could not have been otherwise. Six years is too short a period of observation. The minimum exposure required for the emergence of neoplasms, including malignant ones, is ten or even fifteen years. This was the case, for example, with the collection of evidence on the carcinogenicity of cigarettes. Research will continue.

Analog phones work by transmitting a continuous signal, while digital phones transmit information using short pulses. According to the latest data, during long telephone conversations on a mobile phone, the human brain can heat up to one degree.

Also keep in mind that three percent of the population suffers from hyperelectrosensitivity — a painful reaction to the most insignificant electromagnetic fields. Maybe they forgot to count you?

And here is a far from complete list of diseases that can appear uninvited in your life after cute mobile phones: childhood leukemia, eye cataracts, brain tumors, cardiovascular diseases, as well as a violation of the nervous system, which can lead to DNA damage.

Warnings and Tips

  • Carrying your phone in your pants pocket leads to decreased sexual activity.

cell phone impact on health

  • If you do not want to kill anyone, do not call in medical institutions without asking permission from the staff. If you walk around with a pacemaker yourself, do not carry your phone in your breast pocket.
  • A cell phone is contraindicated for epileptics. When you come back from the cold, let the pipe cool down for half an hour. Condensation can ruin everything.
  • Don’t call from the plane if you want to have a normal flight.
  • Keep your mobile phone away for the duration of your pregnancy.
  • To prevent your phone from exploding, don’t buy cheap dubious batteries.
  • Do not talk for a long time with a home «radio» tube: in terms of the amount of electromagnetic radiation, it is much more dangerous than a mobile phone.

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Source: «The product is dangerous! What not to buy and why, Vitaly and Inna Morozov

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