Hardening: thermal effect on the human body


Sauna and bath — a place where you can not only relax and unwind, but also, thanks to the thermal effect, significantly improve your health

The effect of heat on the human body

Heat, like cold, activates numerous processes in the body, has the following effect on it:

Stress impact

Thermal loads cause stress in the human body. If the heat load is moderate, then this will lead to the activation of the protective forces in the body.

A well-known fact: regular moderate visits to a bath or sauna have a positive effect on human health.

Effects on the skin

The skin is the first protective barrier that stands in the way of external influences, therefore the influence of temperature (and other external factors) on it is the most significant. And here are the results of this:

  • Cleansing effect. When the skin is exposed to heat, the pores expand and the metabolic processes taking place in it are activated. Toxins are removed, pores are cleaned of dirt, the processes of exfoliation of old and growth of new epithelial cells are accelerated.
  • bactericidal effect. The heat of a sauna or bath is an excellent remedy against germs and bacteria that simply cannot survive at high temperatures.
  • cosmetic impact. Heat enhances the flow of all metabolic processes in the epithelium, this improves the appearance and condition of the skin.

Effects on blood and circulation

With age, blood flow decreases, and heat accelerates blood circulation in the body, contributing to the saturation of human organs, tissues and systems with blood and relieving problems arising from blood stagnation. This is especially important for people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

When the body warms up, blood flow increases, so there is an increased need for blood. As a result, reserve blood, which is especially rich in valuable substances, enters into motion, which means that the nutrition of body cells improves.

Impact on blood composition

It was proved that under the influence of thermal exposure, the blood composition changes qualitatively: the number of erythrocytes, leukocytes and hemoglobin increases, i.e., the body’s immune defense increases.

Impact on the heart

thermal effect on the human body

Thermal exposure gives an additional load on the heart, in the case of regularity and moderation, it has an effect akin to training the cardiovascular system, increasing the strength and endurance of the heart muscle. This has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

Impact on metabolism

With a decrease in heat transfer, and this is exactly what happens in the bath, blood circulation increases and body temperature rises, which enhances metabolic processes in the body. The supply of cells with oxygen is enhanced, digestive processes are accelerated, toxins are oxidized faster and excreted from the body. According to some reports, thermal procedures speed up metabolism by a third, as a result, appetite improves, the digestive tract normalizes, and the body is cleansed of toxins.

Impact on the respiratory system

Since heat loads increase metabolism and increase oxygen consumption, breathing becomes more frequent and deep, air exchange in the pulmonary alveoli improves and the lungs are cleared. And observations prove this: after a steam bath, as a rule, it is easier to breathe, and oxygen consumption increases by an average of one third.

Impact on vision

The beneficial effect of the steam room on visual acuity and power has long been noted.

Influence on the human psyche

After exposure to thermal procedures, a person’s condition improves markedly. This has a positive effect on his psyche: thoughts about problems fade into the background, there is a feeling of pleasant fatigue, relaxation and psychological comfort. And after the end of thermal procedures, when the body is in a relaxed and peaceful state, a healthy undisturbed sleep comes to a person.

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Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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