Facial exercises for the nose


By performing facial exercises for the muscles of the nose, you can easily get rid of wrinkles in this area and, if necessary, you can even visually shorten it.

Exercise 1

This exercise helps to smooth the nasolabial fold, and also lifts and firms the cheeks.


Close your eyes and place your fingers on the skin under your eyes.

Try to stretch the corners of your mouth as wide as you can while pressing your fingers together to prevent the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes.

Execution time: 60 seconds.

It is important:

Try to prevent the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes during the exercise. If the eyelids pucker, either move your fingers or increase their pressure.

Fingers should not interfere with the movement of the cheeks, but only prevent the formation of wrinkles under the eyes.

Exercise 2

This exercise is truly universal: its implementation helps to smooth out the nasolabial fold and wrinkles on the upper lip, and in addition, it tones the muscles of the mouth, making the lips fuller and more elastic.


Open your mouth and put two fingers of each hand into it.

Close your eyes and try to round your lips as if you were pronouncing the letter «O», while preventing this with finger pressure.

Execution time: 60 seconds.

It is important:

When performing the exercise, you should relax the muscles of the face and the whole body as much as possible, this will make the exercise more effective.

While performing the exercise, you should feel the tension of the lips all the time, for this it is necessary that the resistance of the fingers be constant throughout the entire exercise.

If the tension is not concentrated on the upper lip, then you will feel an unpleasant tension on the side of both lips or in the chin area.

Exercise 3

Facial exercises for the nose

This exercise smoothes wrinkles in the nasolabial fold and tightens the upper corners of the lips.


1. Place the index fingers of both hands at the corners of the mouth and hold them in this position throughout the entire exercise.

2. Try to push the corners of your mouth up while preventing this movement with finger pressure.

Execution time: 30 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 2 times.

It is important:

Performing this exercise, try to relax the facial muscles as much as possible. Since the tension of the muscles that are not involved in the exercise contribute to unwanted contractions (for example, in the upper region), which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

Exercise 4. To shorten the nose

This exercise stimulates blood circulation and improves the flow of oxygen to the area of ​​the upper lip and nose, thus being an excellent prevention of wrinkles. The exercise has another important property: it helps to shorten and narrow the tip of the nose, as it perfectly trains the depressor nasal muscle.


With your index finger, pull up the tip of your nose. By pulling down the upper lip, or by causing the nostrils to go down, force the tip of the nose to go down so that it presses on the finger. Freeze in this position for one to two seconds, and then relax your lip.

Repeat this exercise 35 times.

It is important:

It is preferable to perform this exercise in a sitting or lying position.

If you are not satisfied with the length or width of the nose, do this exercise 2 times a day.

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