Facial exercises for the eyelids


This set of facial exercises for the eyelids is the easiest and most effective way to tone the muscles surrounding the eyes.

Exercise 1

When performing this exercise, the motor muscle of the upper eyelid takes part, the mobility of the eyeball develops and the eyes relax.


1. Open your eyes wide.

2. Quickly clap your eyelids 10-15 times.

Repeat this exercise 10-12 times.

It is important:

Open your eyes wide before starting each new series of pats.

Try to move the eyelids as quickly as possible.

Exercise 2

This exercise improves the muscular structure of the upper eyelids, making them more elastic. The exercise involves the circumferential muscle of the eye — part of the eyelid.


1. Place your index fingers with the back of your eyebrows. Place your thumbs on the upper eyelids so that their ends are directed towards each other and towards the middle of the face. The fingers should apply pressure: the index fingers strongly on the eyebrows and the thumbs moderately on the upper eyelids.

2. Open your eyes against the resistance of your thumbs.

Execution time: 2 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 12-15 times.

It is important:

Next, shift the pressure with your thumbs on the eyelids from the nose towards the temples.

Avoid very strong thumb pressure on the upper eyelids.

Facial exercises for the eyelids

Exercise 3

This exercise improves the overall tone of the eyelids.


Apply moisturizer to the eyelids and pat the skin around the eyes with the pads of your fingers.

Execution time: 20-30 seconds.

Repeat pats 3 times.

It is important:

The force of the blows should become more delicate as you move from the outer corners of the eyes to the inner ones.

Claps should not be painful. The force of impact should be chosen based on the individual sensitivity of the skin.

General recommendations

It is better to do exercises for the eyelids as a single complex with other exercises for the eyes, since such a symbiosis will increase the overall effectiveness of the exercises.

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